Friday, December 09, 2011

MSM Confusing Blood and Honour Factions

W suppose it shouldn't be unexpected since the msm really isn't up to speed on bonehead factionalism, but already they are confusing the Blood & Honour group (led by Macdonald) in Vancouver with the Blood & Honour group in Calgary (led by McKee).

We quote the "Toronto Star" article discussing the arrests:

A Blood and Honour Canada website calls itself a nationalist organization and European cultural group operating independently of any political party. It seeks to promote “our great European identity.” For visitors wanting to purchase merchandise including and T-shirts that say “Support the Best, F-- the Rest,” there is a link to a Calgary address. 
Our readers are well aware that this is the Blood & Honour led by Kyle McKee in Calgary, however here for the benefit of the msm (or any new readers because of the arrests in Vancouver) is a fast and overly simplistic explanation of why there are two different organizations that use the name Blood & Honour.

It goes back to the lead singer of a group called Screwdriver names Ian Stuart Donaldson. He was killed in a 1993 car accident, but he started the Blood & Honour movement.

Cut forward a few years and two factions emerged that were mutually antagonistic towards each other. One faction was aligned to Combat 18, and ultra-violent, terrorist group. The other aligned itself with groups such as the Hammerskin Nation (and other groups like Volksfront), an ultra-violent, terrorist group.

Yeah, we don't really see the distinction either, but they do and are really very serious about it. The C18 aligned group often refers to the Hammerskin Nation aligned group as Blood & Dishonour. Clever, eh?

Anyways, Macdonald, himself a Hammerskin, leads one faction while Kyle McKee (himself no stranger to the criminal justice system either) leads the Combat 18 aligned faction. And the two groups snip at each other online and would likely come to blows should they have the opportunity to meet face to face.

And there is our quick and dirty summary. Yeah, we know, There's a lot more to the factionalism than this. But we're going to the pub and don't have time for a full history lesson.

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