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Saturday, December 10, 2011

McKee Uses Blood & Honour Arrests to Promote Violence

Paul Fromm protegee Kyle McKee did an interview with CTV concerning the assaults that took place in Vancouver and the arrest of the three Blood & Honour members suspected of having committed the deeds

Well, at least McKee has dispensed with the pretext of being opposed to violence:

Neo-Nazi group member defies assault charges

By: Jon Woodward,

Date: Saturday Dec. 10, 2011 6:52 PM PT

The leader of the Calgary faction of Blood and Honour said criminal charges won't deter members of the group in Vancouver from using violence as part of a neo-Nazi campaign. 

Kyle McKee told CTV News that he doesn't have "a stitch of remorse" for his own crimes, and expects that the two members of the Vancouver faction of the white nationalist group will continue intimidating minorities.

"I hope no matter what the outcome of the charges, guilty or not, they can pick up the pieces and move on and keep doing what they're doing," McKee said in an interview at his home in Calgary.

On Friday police charged two members of the Vancouver faction of Blood and Honour with attacking five non-whites in three years.

Robertson de Chazal, 25, has been accused of setting fire to a Filipino man who had fallen asleep on a couch near Commercial Drive and Fifth Avenue in October 2009. He was also charged with assault causing bodily harm to a black man at the same location.

Shawn MacDonald is charged with a July 24, 2010, assault of an aboriginal woman and her boyfriend, and a Dec. 12, 2008, assault on a black man near Oak Street and King Edward Avenue West.

McKee said the pair are members of a faction of Blood and Honour, a group with members around the world. In Canada, there are three factions: Vancouver, Calgary, and London, Ont. The group has 15 members in the Lower Mainland. Its name was borrowed from the Hitler Youth motto, "Blut und ehre."

Mounties investigating the group's expansion into B.C. uncovered evidence that led to the charges.

McKee is the Calgary group's central figure. He made a pipe bomb that went off in a Calgary neighbourhood and was charged with beating up a local activist earlier this year. [Legally speaking, this should perhaps be stated as suspected of making a pipe bomb and beating up a local activist -- if the reporter is speaking about Jason and the home invasion. If he's talking about the assault on the girl, she wasn't an activist] 

"You don't want certain people in your neighbourhood, you can ask them politely to leave or you can use violence. I think they're probably more inclined to leave with the use of violence," he said.

McKee pled guilty to making explosives and spent several months in prison. Earlier this year, he pled guilty to uttering threats. He said his time in prison didn't change his attitude.

"I don't know if you're hoping for a stitch of remorse, but you won't find it with me," he said.

McKee said he had no direct knowledge of the B.C. crimes and said he believed that MacDonald and de Chaza would be found not guilty when the case goes to court.

Liberal MP Hedy Fry said people should realize the seriousness of these offenses.

"These are heinous crimes," she told CTV News. "We have to keep guard. We have to be aware of this because people's lives are in danger."


Anonymous said...

What a complete and total moron. Thank fuck someone else is raising his kid.

Anonymous said...

So, McKee does not have a stitch of remorse! Not surprising given how lenient the correction system is in Canada. This system was designed for common criminals, not Violent Racists like McKee who is nothing but a Terrorist, no different from Al Qaeda. McKee should be treated like Al Qaeda members and be denied the full Legal Rights and Protections which common criminals receive. Being remanded without trial, in isolation, without any books(??) or TV and no human contact, would deter many of his Nazi buddies from ""keep doing what they are doing"".

Anonymous said...

I don't think leniency in the Justice system has much to do with it (I actually think it's too lenient). I think laziness on the part of investigating officers had a lot more to do with it. If McKee has been convicted of the bombing rather than just building the bomb, he would've been away for a long time.

McKee is dangerous, yes, but if the Police would simply do their jobs, we don't need to take away anyone's charter rights.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with western canada. A lot of sick puppys put there. The governments tough on crime agenda should be renamed tough on western crime. What an ill group of people out there.

Anonymous said...

If it is considered prudent enough to take away Charter Rights from Brown-skinned Islamic Terrorist suspects, then it should be likewise for White Terrorists like many Neo-Nazi Skinheads. But I agree with you on the laziness of investigating officers. However, I just wonder how much more diligent and thorough they would have been if McKee was a Brown-skinned Muslim.

Anonymous said...

So the Vancouver chapter is now accepted by the Calgary guys because there outwardly violent. Glad to see what the movement really stands for. Disorganized disfuctional skinheads are never going to be the answer for true nationalism. There's so much more to life than being violent, building an ego for yourself through your own political ideologies.

Anonymous said...

What a schmuck! I'm sure this interview will serve as evidence in his (surely numerous) trials to come. Hopefully this idiot is declared a dangerous offender and rots away the rest of his useless life.

Anonymous said...

Kyle McKee speaks like he writes lol.

If he or any of his friends read this, could I please get a confirmation that he would not press charges if people remove him from their hood using physical violence?

As he publicly stated that this is the way he thinks issues should be dealt with, I am looking forward to see him in the Calgary Beltline again.

Kyle, if you should ever offend normal people with your racist presence in the 17th Ave/10St SW area, where I've seen you several times, I'll talk to you and then offer you both options you mentioned. Looking forward to it! Bring along some buddies if you feel safer, I don't mind sparring with up to three opponents.

Just like in American History X on the basketball court, I defeat you, you leave, no questions asked.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahahahaha @ Anonymous#8. Kyle only jumps into the fray when the other is already on the way down because of his friends swarming. Have you ever witnessed him fighting? I have. Dude is seriously out of shape. Even a 2 minute round of sparring, he's still wheezing 3 hours later. One on one he's a pussy. Let me repeat that, a PUSSY.

Anonymous said...

Interesting reference to the "14 words" Mckee chose to use. By the way Kyle, how often do you see your child let alone support her? You are a godamn hypocrite.

(I wrote that slowly so you could read it, you illiterate fucktard.)

Anonymous said...

lol im in that picture thats funny did you guys blur out my face cuase you thought i was too young lol im 18 i have the tattoo on my wrist im the guy with the beer in my hand

Anonymous said...

@poster 11- So guy with beer in your hand and tattoo on your wrist, what your trying to say is that you're kind of a big deal?