Saturday, December 17, 2011

All Is Quiet In "White Nationalist" Land: Part II

Blood & Honour has finally decided to comment on the arrests made last Thursday in Vancouver.

Oh, not the Blood & Honour faction to which the three individuals arrested are a part of. No, the Blood & Honour faction weighing in is the Combat 18 aligned faction:

Don't think that "altoona" is unhappy about all this because of the violence. This becomes apparent soon enough.

Gotcha. Actually supports violence when the time is deemed right.

And a rep from Calgary's Blood & Honour faction steps in to warn people that this was not the "good" Blood & Honour faction, but the one they refer to as Blood & Dishonour:

Then "hatecriminal" notes an apparent hypocrisy in public positions held by the opposing faction when compared to the actions they engage in:

But again, our readers are perhaps wondering if the faction that the group in BC are a part of have made a comment yet.

As we noted before, we will comment on this soon because it what has developed has been quite interesting. Suffice it to say now the proud, Aryan warriors have been busily covering their tracks online as best they can.


Anonymous said...

Could someone explain what ZOG stands for? I've seen it in several of their rants lately.


Kurt Phillips said...

It`s a racist acronym meaning, "Zionist Occupied Government."

Anonymous said...

Also the name of the last King of Albania.