Friday, December 23, 2011

Court Dates For Blood & Honour Members Postponed

These three men should be afforded a fair trial and should be considered innocent unless proven guilty. We apply this to people who's ideology we despise because we want to make damn sure that we or anyone else would be afforded those same considerations in a court of law. And to be sure there it isn't illegal in and of itself to belong to groups such as Blood & Honour, though it certainly says a great deal about the character of anyone who would want to become a member.

One thing that does strike us is how quick boneheads are to distance themselves from their beliefs when the going gets tough. We've already shown how Shawn (or someone knowingly or unknowingly working on his behalf) for example has systematically attempted to cover his tracks online.

In the end, the proud warriors of the Aryan race really aren't all that proud of what they stand for after all,

Whether they are guilty or not, their efforts to now disavow their associations and beliefs should speak volumes to those who might be thinking about getting out of the movement themselves.

It isn't too late. Do the right thing. Leave while you can still make a life for yourself.

In the meantime, the three men continue to have the moral support of their fellow travelers:

We wonder how the last person to comment will feel now that one of the men has denied links to an internationally-known hate group with a penchant for violence?


Anonymous said...

It's not a matter of them renouncing their views as much as it is them playing a legal strategy.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! I seem to recall a conversation I had with 'Edmonton Rob' a few years back regarding his opinion of the 'scum who don't stick to their ideals.' He didn't think to highly of them that is for sure!

Anonymous said...

Bit late for that after you get the ink innit... #derp #whywecallthemboneheads