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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quebec Fascist-Watch

We have mentioned in the past that our intel in Quebec is very poor owing to language barriers, geography and not having anyone on the ground. Thankfully, a new group has started to gather and publish information on the racist scene in Quebec.

Suffice it to say, what they have thus far is very impressive:

(English Translation of Official Communique)

After nearly a month of intensive work, the website of Quebec Fascist-Watch is finally ready to be open to the public!

Fascist-Watch is a common front against racism and fascism, but neutral and without party affiliation, created in response to a resurgence of xenophobic and fascist splinter groups in Quebec.

You will find Quebec Fascist-Watch is a very complete overview of each of the main actors of this new generation of fascist ideologies. We will expose to light their ties to the extreme right and neo-Nazis by relying on evidence, photographs, relationships, analysis and ideological sources.

The motivations that led us to launch this project are not only the significant rise of these reactionary ideas in Quebec, but also ignorance of the media and public to this new movement which deceives Quebecers by hiding their ideas appearance by portraying themselves as being moderate. Ignorance and trivializing the dangers are even more threatening than their ideas and create fertile ground for the growth of fascism.

As durable and resistant against the fascist ideas, it is our duty to inform the public about this threat, hence the need for a collective information tool. With this in mind Quebec Fascist-Watch was born.
As a project built on a collective basis, all people who share our common goals are welcome (s) to work with us by submitting information, photos, suggestions of publications, patches, etc.. Fascist-Watch is you, it's me, it's them, you, that's us!

Destroy the seeds of intolerance before they take root in our society! Fascism is the gangrene, it eliminates or we die!

Topics covered (categories):
  • Groups, organizations and political parties 
  • "Skinheads" and small groups of streets 
  • History
  • The right-wing media and fascist movement
  • Music Scene 
  • Articles 
  • News 
Several other articles will be published after the opening of the blog. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of new publications!

In order to present Quebec Facho-Watch in detail, we suggest you read our blurb:

Thank you to circulate this announcement as widely as possible!

We hope that this translation is accurate. As of now Quebec Fascist-Watch is in French only, however Google Translate does a pretty good job of translating the text to English for our non-bilingual readers.

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