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Friday, December 09, 2011

So, Who in B&H Have Been Arrested?

NOTE: We have updated our timeline of racist violence to reflect these recent arrests.

For those readers who might be new to our little home on the World Wide Web, here are a few photos of the two members of Blood & Honour BC accused by the RCMP of engaging in a series of violent assaults:

Shawn Macdonald (right) pictured with Jan, both of whom are with Blood & Honour BC. Shawn was once a member of Volksfront but he and a number of others left to form B&H. Engaged in a long running dispute (online primarily) with the Blood & Honour movement (formerly the Aryan Guard led by Kyle McKee) associated with Combat 18 in Calgary, in part as a result of a wider feud between B&H factions and because of a perception that the violence in Calgary was giving the movement, "a bad name." Macdonald posted on a number of webforums, including Stormfront as "Model" as well as the Hammerskin's and Blood & Honour forums as "Big Mac." He was also a participant in Highland games in Victoria

Nice try Shawn, but even blurred, it' ain't hard to tell who you are.

Next we go to...

Rob de Chazal. Originally from Edmonton, Rob has been described as highly intelligent (though given the nature of the crime he's accused of, that characterization may be a bit inaccurate). Known online monikers include, "Hapmaladroid", "vonKvltvs88", "Triumphant", "Quintessence88 ", "Rob Chernobog" and "XBerserker." His mother is a Political Science Professor at the University of Alberta. Plays in an NSBM band.

This group had been keeping pretty quite, but we were slowly gathering more information on the members over time. Given these recent arrests it looks like we might be sharing what we have a little sooner than we had expected.

Stay tuned for more.

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