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Friday, December 02, 2011

Can't. Stop. Laughing!!!!

Oh, we know we shouldn't, but we just can't get enough of the Goudreau. He really is our guilty pleasure.

Last night it came to our attention that the Goudreau has a twitter account. Curious, we decided to take a look. While everything he twitters is the mundane crap he posts on his Facebook page, we were struck by one thing:

What the!?

How the hell does the Goudreau end up with 473 followers on twitter!?

Does not compute.


It didn't take long to figure it out and then we were quite literally, to use the parlance of the Internet, rotfloao.

They're all fakes. Well, at least 98% of them are fakes. Here is a sample of the people following the Goudreau:

Poor Kevin here is the unwitting victim of Twitter marketing bots (specifically, those marketing porn or dating sites). We say unwitting because it seems apparent that the Goudreau has no idea he's conversing with fake people:

But sometimes the Goudreau becomes cross with his fake porn account friends and has to put them in their place:

Oh, and it gets better. The Goudreau also follows a large number of Twitter pages. Again, a sample:

Yep, mostly fake accounts and pornstars, such as this one:

This is so sad, and pathetic, and so very, very funny. And considering he is also following what appears to be a real female high school student, creepy too.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the man that the "National Post" decided to run a big story on in August.

That's right. Let that sink in for a moment.

And the msm wonder why people aren't taking the medium seriously now.

Think he's going to threaten to kill us again?

UPDATE: Oh god! It is too funny for words!

Looks like the Goudreau made at least two other efforts to contact a real, live, woman.

Guess how that first encounter turned out?

Yep. Not so good, but we're sort of concerned for the Goudreau's health should the other real, live woman decides to take him up on his offers of "morning lovin":


Anonymous said...

Kevin does male escort work.He sucks alot of donkey dick.

Anonymous said...

His Twitter followers are as real as his girlfriends.

Anonymous said...

Only problem with this is that now he knows they are all fake LOL How many fake FB accounts has he created in the past to "Spy" on people?

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud on this one. The genius himself is conversing with Twitter bots! I'm sure more than a few now have "girlfriend" status (which is automatically bestowed by the Goudreau when a girl he hits on doesn't call the police).

Anonymous said...

Did he say "morning loving before work"? eyes! They burrrrrnnnnnnnn!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin, it is NOT "Morning Loving" when it is with your hand!

Anonymous said...

Kevin Godreau, KFC and sex. So gross.

Anonymous said...

Philip K.dick uses to talk with botts. Reemember Blade Runner.
Ghost benind the Machine.

Sonia Green said...
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