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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Oh, What a Wicked Web.... Timeline of Sec. 13, the Heritage Front, Marc Lemire and the Conservative Party of Canada

Paul Fromm hosted another "awards ceremony" on December 12 which was, as the others he has been involved with, a opportunity for members of the far right to stroke each others' egos:

Paulie writes:

Four victims of Richard Warman's prosecutions under Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Code were honoured with the Canadian Free Speech Award at an overflow meeting of the Canadian Association for Free Expression. The guest speaker was Doug Christie, General Counsel of the Canadian Free Speech League. The meeting was held on the eve of the historic appeal to Federal Court.

This particular awards ceremony was a bit more special though since they are also celebrating the seemingly likely repeal of Sec. 13 by the Conservative majority. So, who is being honored? We'll include some pictures to help our readers identify these august defenders of freedom:

The citation in the award to Melissa Guille read "For your courage and determination defying tyranny in the Richard Warman Sec. 13 complaint. Your case marked the beginning of the defeat of Sec. 13.," referring to the fact that this was the first tribunal not to impose a financial penalty

The citation in the award to Jason Ouwendyk explained: "For your courage and determination and research defying tyranny in the Richard Warman Sec. 13 complaint. Your case marked the beginning of the exposure of Richard Warman’s dirty tricks." In this case, too, the Member (judge) declined to impose a financial penalty and declared Richard Warman's spy tactics "troubling."

Here's another with Melissa and Jason together (Melissa is on the far left and Jason on the far right of the photo):

The citation on the award to Tom Winnicki read: "For your courage and determination defying tyranny in the Richard WarmanSec. 13 complaint. Your boldness and refusal to submit to censorship inspired others." Mr. Winnicki refused to be cowed by the Commission's bullying. Mr. Warman filed a contempt of court complaint that saw Mr. Winnicki sent to jail for nine months. A gutsy appealed shortened the sentence.

And here are a few of the statements that Paulie feels Winnicki should be proud of (we aren't going to include the especially vulgar ones though):

Finally, the citation on the award to Marc Lemire, the star of the current battle, noted: "For your courage and determination and amazing research in defying Richard Warman’s Sec. 13 complaint, for being the only victim ever to win a Sec. 13 case and for getting this vile piece of censorship declared unconstitutional."

Yep, that would be Heritage Front founder and first leader Wolfgang Droege on the left and Marc on the right. Since Marc claimed on Levant's program that he was involved with the Heritage Front, "peripherally" as a teenager, we wonder how he and Wolfie would have become close enough for a road trip to Edmonton?

But we digress.

From where we sit, it really does look like Sec. 13 will be repealed. What that means for the proliferation of hate propaganda originating in Canada online remains to be seen.

In examining the history of Sec. 13 over the past two decades it was striking to note how the names of the same players kept popping up over and over again. So, it seems fitting that, as the year ends, we look back at the history of Sec. 13 (including some of the more recent controversies) and the interplay between groups such as the Heritage Front, the Conservative Party of Canada, and others who have been impacted, or who have made an impact, in this area. This isn't to say that all of these groups or individuals hold the same views, but only to note how frequently they seem to cross paths:


Paul Fromm arranges for author Peter Brimelow to speak at the Reform Association's Western Assembly which was held in Vancouver at the end of May. The Reform Association grants Fromm observer status for his efforts. The decisions taken at the Western Assembly led to the creation of the Reform Party of Canada later in Winnipeg, MB.


Jason Kenney, future Reform/Canadian Alliance/Conservative Party MP and Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism works as administrative assistant to Saskatchewan Liberal Party leader Ralph Goodale.


Future Prime Minister Stephen Harper is claimed to have been a member of the Northern Foundation around this time.

September: The Nationalist Party of Canada (Don Andrews' White supremacist group) sends a delegation of eighteen members to Libya at the invitation of Qadhafi to mark his 20 years in power. Droege, Nationalist Party member who was also, at the time, associated with the Ku Klux Klan, is included. The Heritage Front is founded soon after by former Nationalist Party of Canada members Droege, Gerry Lincoln, Grant Bristow and James Scott Dawson. They are joined by Al Overfield and other former members of the Nationalist Party who became disenchanted with Don Andrews's leadership and felt that a new organization and tactics were necessary.

July: Randy Johnson, Terry Long and the Church of Jesus Christ Christian-Aryan Nations are found to be in violation of Sec. 13 as a result of a complaint made by Robert Nealy etal and David Goldberg.


Stormfront begins life on the Internet as a private BBS with a total of three users.

February: Marc Lemire is 15 years old.
December: In a 4 to 3 decision, Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act is ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court in the Canada vs. Taylor case.

December: The Heritage Front holds its first annual Martyr's Day Rally to honour Robert Matthews of The Order. Paul Fromm, a leader of the Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE) is one of the speakers. Representatives of the Church of the Creator, the Aryan Resistance Movement, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Nationalist Party of Canada also attends (video of the event can be found here: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V)


April: Wolfgang Droege meets with Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel in Toronto. It is one of the first public meetings of the Front after two years of secrecy.

Summer: The Heritage Hotline goes into operation. Legal challenges to the hotline force the Heritage Front to cancel and restart the hate message service six more times over the next three years. September: In the Toronto City Hall, Droege, Fromm, and 11 other White supremacists including a member of the Aryan Nations disrupt a meeting of the Mayor's Committee on Race Relations as Native leader Rodney Bobiwash is lodging a complaint about the activities of the Heritage Front.

Heritage Front leader Wolfgang Droege and Heritage Front members Grant Bristow, Gerry Lincoln and James Dawson are, “employed as security for a recent Reform Party constituency meeting held in Toronto." The report notes that the placement was organized by Al Overfield who was a Reform Party member and local organizer. CSIS learns that the same individuals were again contracted by Overfield to provide personal security for Reform Party leader Preston Manning at a major rally to be held in Toronto on June 12, 1991.

Al Overfield states that he was signed up in the Reform Party by Harry Robertson. Robertson has no memory of that taking place. Overfield has also states that Stephen Harper, MP knew his background. Harper has no recollection of meeting or even speaking with Overfield. Harper explains that in 1989-90, he was giving the Party's platform a strategic focus and was working out of MP Deborah Grey's office He was building issues into the Reform Party's platform to actively discourage extremists and "nut cases".

Gerry Lincoln
December: Gerry Lincoln starts publication of “UpFront”, the Heritage Front newspaper.


February: The Toronto Sun breaks the story that the Heritage Front had infiltrated the Reform Party.

March: Heritage Front members Wolfgang Droege, James Dawson, Peter Mitreviski, and Nicola Polinuk are kicked out of the Reform Party. Overfield was later expelled from the party for having exercised poor judgment in hiring known neo-Nazis.

April: Ernst Zundel speaks at a Heritage Front meeting, celebrating Hitler's birthday.

June: A Heritage Front meeting is held in Toronto's Latvian House, with 175 supporters, mostly skinheads, in attendance. Seven speakers are featured, including the American White supremacists Tom and John Metzger of White Aryan Resistance. Nazi-style salutes and shouts of "White Power" and "RaHoWa" (short for Racial Holy War) are reported. The Metzgers are arrested soon after the meeting and charged with entering Canada illegally. Later, the Heritage Front organizes a demonstration outside Toronto's Don Jail in support of the incarcerated Tom and John Metzger. The same day, three Toronto-area synagogues are defaced with slogans such as "White Power", and "Hitler Lives, Jews Die." In an interview two weeks later, Droege states that the spraypainting was done by "no one I touched bases with" and blames "the Jews" for the vandalism.

July: Tom and John Metzger are deported.

July: The Heritage Front is subpoenaed to court in Toronto by the Canadian Human Rights Commission for an injunction to close their hotline. Racists and anti-racists clash outside of the courthouse.

August: Droege reportedly speaks at a KKK gathering of neo-Nazi groups at Le Plaine, Quebec. Also featured is George Burdi (a.k.a. Reverend Eric Hawthorne of the Church of the Creator), and the COTC band, RaHoWa. This 'Aryanfest' attracts approximately seventy people, half the expected number, partly due to a counter-rally held by the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith Canada and the Canadian Council on Racism and Prejudice.

November: Wolfgang Droege receives Holocaust denier David Irving on a visit to Canada from his native Britain. After hearings in Niagara Falls, Irving is deported before he can address a Heritage Front meeting in a Toronto hotel.


January: The Heritage Front faces a Canadian Human Rights hearing over a complaint lodged by the Native Canadian Centre concerning the racist hotline. Wolfgang Droege is represented by 22-year old chemistry student Ken Ernst.

January: Dennis Mahon of White Aryan Resistance is deported to the United States. He had been brought to Canada with the help of Heritage Front member Grant Bristow.

March: Wolfgang Droege publicly expresses his support for the Reform Party, despite having been kicked out for his racist views.

March: Droege, escorted by other Heritage Front members, is invited to address a class at the University of Toronto. The Heritage Front hotline thanks the university and professor Joseph Fletcher for their commitment to "free expression."

May: Droege claims that there are Heritage Front members in the Canadian Armed Forces. CBC interviews him for a segment on racism in the military, but can't confirm Droege's assertion. [Note: In August of 1994 it was revealed in a leaked government document that CSIS had illegally obtained access to CBC files for the story.]

May: Heritage Front members clash violently with the audience at a Toronto forum. Two Heritage Front members are arrested and charged with assault. For other examples of Heritage Front violence, we invite our readers to examine our timeline of racist violence (1981 – 2011).

May: Racists and anti racists clash after an Ottawa RaHoWa concert. George Burdi is arrested for assault on Alicia Reckzin on Parliament Hill.

June: Droege appears in court on a weapons charge stemming from a violent clash with anti-racists in Toronto.

June: Heritage Front member Jason Hoolans is charged with assault after attending a RaHoWa concert. The victim was left with brain damage.

August: The Heritage Front uses rock concert to recruit youth in Montreal

September: Canadian Liberty Net and Derek Peterson are found to be in violation of Sec. 13 as a result of a complaint made by Aziz Khaki etal.

October: The Reform Party under leader Preston Manning elect 52 members to Parliament primarily from Western Canada. Stephen Harper is elected in Calgary West. The split in the conservative vote would, in part, allow the Liberal Party to govern the country until 2006.

Garry Schipper
October: Kenneth Barker sets up the "Equal Rights for Whites" hotline less than a week after the Heritage Front line is shut down. The following day, he is threatened with contempt of court charges. On October 18, the Front is ordered to close its Ottawa hotline; Gary Schipper says that he would rather spend time in jail than shut down the hotline.

October: Kenneth Barker and another Heritage Front member are charged with robbery and possession of an explosive device. The charges are later dropped.

December: William Harcus and the Manitoba Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are found to be in violation of Sec. 13 as a result of a complaint made by League for Human Rights of the B'nai Brith Canada (Midwest Region).

December: Heritage Front member Jason Hoolans attacks and paralyzes an immigrant man in Toronto following a RaHoWa concert. He later admits that the attack was racially motivated. Hoolans was sentenced to 4 years in prison.


January: Tony McAleer, Canadian Liberty Net, and Harry Vaccaro are found to be in violation of Sec. 13 as a result of a complaint made by John Payzant.

March: Elise Hategan testifies against the Heritage Front and Wolfgang Droege. She requests police protection, claiming that her life is in danger. No protection is offered or provided.

March: The hotline issue is settled by a consent order. Three Heritage Front leaders still face charges relating to the hotline.

March: Wolfgang Droege says in a newspaper interview that he cannot find work because of his high profile. It is also reported that he is broke and on welfare.

June: Wolfgang Droege, Gary Schipper and Ken Barker are convicted for contempt of court for their involvement with the Heritage Front Hotline. All three serve jail time starting on June 23, with Droege appealing his conviction while incarcerated.

July: Stormfront, previously a private BBS, opens as a publicly accessible message board.

August: Grant Bristow is contacted by Toronto Sun reporter Bill Dunphy, who informs him he is about to go to press with a story about Bristow's being a CSIS asset and exposing much of his Heritage Front activity through the duration of his work. This revelation, as well as those made by Elisse Hategan, cripple the Heritage Front for the rest of the 1990s. It would only return to some semblance of activity in 2001 under the leadership of Marc Lemire.

November: John Ross Taylor, who’s Supreme Court Case affirmed the constitutionality of Sec. 13, dies at a boarding house in Calgary.

Heritage Front member, Marc Lemire’s Canadian Patriot Network BBS, (the latter referred to as a hate site in 1998) telephone hotline active some time during this year.

At some time between late 1994 and 1995, Lemire leaves the Heritage Front to pursue is own projects.


February: Marc Lemire is 20 years old.

March: Don Black, Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and convicted along with Droege in the Dominica plot, puts Stormfront online for the first time. Stormfront would go on to become the largest hate website on the Internet with 10s of thousands of members from all over the world. 

Marc Lemire’s Digital Freedom BBS goes online. The Heritage Front at this point also exists as a BBS:

“The Heritage Front is now online. We are now part of a service that can be reached via the modem on your computer. With this new breakthrough, the Front once more remains on the cutting edge of technology. This issue of Up Front is available electronically, by dialing the Politically Incorrect BBS here in Toronto. While there are several racialist Bulletin Board Systems in the United States, where the freedom of speech laws are stronger than they are here, this is a major step for Canada. It is not without controversy.”


January: Marc Lemire’s Freedom-Site goes online. 

April: Charles Scott and the Church of Christ in Israel are found to be in violation of Sec. 13 as a result of a complaint made by the Chilliwack Anti-Racism Project Society. 

June: Marc Lemire promotes, CD-ROM, "filled to the brim with Pro-Whites files, including soundfiles, movies, pictures and text files" via a Stormfront mailing list.

December: Based on information found on the Stormfront links page, we know that Marc Lemire was hosting an older version of the Heritage Front website as of at least December 30 (link is also found here as well).


January: “The Heritage Front Report” begins publication. The first year of publication would later be published online; it continues in it’s paper form into 1999. 

February: George Burdi, lead singer of RaHoWa, begins serving his sentence for assault on Alicia Reckzin which took place during a Heritage Front rally in 1993. 

March: Wolfgang Droege arrested on on charges related to stolen vehicles. 

June: Jason Kenney is elected to Parliament as a member of the Reform Party in Calgary Southeast. 

October: The Reform Party becomes the Official Opposition with 60 new MPs. Stephen Harper would not contest this election. Instead he joins the National Citizens Coalition as vice-president, becoming the president of the organization later that year. 

October: During a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal hearing brought about as a result of a Sec. 13 complaint against Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, evidence is given which includes a close working relationship between Zundel and Marc Lemire. 

At some time in 1997 or 1998 (according to a written statement by Marc Lemire), Lemire and Droege meet with Matthew Lauder, an anti-racist posing as a White Nationalist to infiltrate the movement, in Kingston, ON.


Summer: Ezra Levant appears on the cover of the “Heritage Front Report.” The title: “Spinmaster Ezra Levant behind the scenes with the Reform Party. Can he land ‘Presto’ in the Prime Minister’s Office?” On the back of the “Report” can be found a link to the Heritage Site’s website (http://www.freedomsite/org/hf). More than a decade later, Levant fails to push Lemire, who operates Freedom-Site to this day, on his connection to the Heritage Front.


October: Lemire creates a personal webpage in which he writes the following: 

You are probably here from reading about me on my website, the Freedom-site. It is the largest free speech oriented site in Canada. We currently have Canada's largest Racialist group the Heritage Front. The Freedom-Site also has the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee which is Canada's largest immigration reform group. Plus much much more.

He also provides a brief biography and picture page. Of interest:

Favorite Website: My Own! Stormfront and the Zundelsite

Favorite IRC channel: #kkk, #whitepower, (all from undernet) + Stormfront IRC Server
(Describing a photo) Marc and drill Sargent Kelly (asshole, but still KKKool!)

Marc would have been roughly 24 when he created this website.... not in his early teens.


February: Marc Lemire is 25 years old.
March: Matthew Lauder and Marc Lemire drive to Washington D.C. to hear Paul Fromm and Don Black speak. 

March: In an effort to unite the right, the Reform Party is dissolved and in it’s place is formed Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance. Stockwell Day defeats Preston Manning on the first ballot to become the leader of the new party. 

November: In a Report article entitled, "Urge to purge returns: the Canadian Alliance, aping Reform, cancels the membership of political dissidents," Kevin Michael Grace notes that Marc Lemire, Paul Fromm, Doug Christie, Hugh Pendegrast and Doug Collins are expelled from the Canadian Alliance. It is claimed that the men joined to vote for Stockwell Day. 

November: The Canadian Alliance win 66 seats (retaining their role as the Official Opposition) in a snap election called by Jean Chretien and the Liberal Party; the Liberals win a third majority government. 

December: Marc Lemire posts an article, published here on the Canadian Heritage Alliance website, supporting Ernst Zundel. 

According to David Lethbridge, Wolfgang Droege and Marc Lemire travel to Moscow where David Duke was then living. There is photographic evidence that the trip took place, however it may have occurred in 1998.


Heritage Front is more active in 2001 than it had been since the early 1990s. 

January: Heritage Front distribute anti-immigration pamphlets at the University of Waterloo. Lemire responds to an article critical of the fliers that was originally published in the university newspaper, “Imprint” is published in March. 

January: Former lead singer of RaHoWa and Heritage Front associate George Burdi publically disavows racism. 

February: Heritage Front members, including Marc Lemire, distributed over 6,000 anti-immigration pamphlets in Hamilton, ON around the Henderson Hospital which claim that immigration is a health hazard on February 10. 

The new Heritage Front website is active as part of Lemire’s Freedom-Site since February 17, 2001 ( 

February: Marc Lemire’s ex-girlfriend Melissa Guille launches the Canadian Heritage Alliance’s website. 

March: Heritage Front distribute anti-immigration pamphlets in Windsor, ON. 

March: Marc Lemire referred to as the leader of the moribund Heritage Front according to Gerry Lincoln (former editor of the Heritage Front magazine, “UpFront”). 

March: Heritage Front supporters in Halifax, NS distribute fliers in the city, indicating the hate group has some strength outside of Ontario. 

April: Lemire writes, “The Strange Case of Matt Lauder” in which he appears to admit to a position of leadership in the Heritage Front as early as 1997 or 1998. He also discusses his relationship throughout the years he knew Lauder. Lemire’s article is re-published on the Canadian Heritage Alliance website as well: 

Matt Lauder first contacted the Heritage Front in July of 1995 when he was attending Queen's University in Kingston. [2] He claimed to be writing a dissertation on the "Right-Wing" in Canada, so the Heritage Front sent him some information in the mail. In 1997 or 1998, Marc Lemire, Wolfgang Droege and others met up with him in Kingston prior to a Paul Fromm meeting. From that moment on, we knew he was not quite right. Something was always strange with him. 
October 14, 1999, poor Matt Lauder was quite upset that Marc Lemire was not inviting him to many of our meetings. Matt writes "When are you gonna give me the skinny on dates and places of meetings. Even if they are in BC, let me know, I've got to head out there to check things out at some point anyway. C'mon, I hate hearing about upcoming meetings from the yids!" 
On March 28th 2000, Matt Lauder drove Marc Lemire down to Washington, DC to hear David Duke, Don Black and Paul Fromm speak. Thanks go out to the "Guelph and District Multicultural Centre" for probably footing the bill, since Marc didn't pay a cent for the gas or the rental of the car.

The movement did benefit during our trip to Washington also. During our stay in Washington, I spoke at length to Lauder about the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and what parasites they are. Matt Lauder showed an almost obsessive interest in Grant Bristow. After we got back, Lauder wrote a 4 part series on the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, and Marc Lemire put it on the Freedom-Site for all to see. 

May: In a letter described on the Heritage Front website as a, “Letter from the Heritage Front,” Marc Lemire offers the Heritage Front’s support to the German-Canadian Congress’ efforts to fight the stripping of suspected war criminal Helmut Oberlander’s citizenship. Paul Fromm’s response to this issue, as well as a complaint about Immigration Minister Elinor Caplan’s criticism of Stockwell Day, is included on this website. 

August: The Heritage Front is denied the opportunity to participate in the, “Adopt a Highway” program (Melissa Guille’s Canadian Heritage Alliance was removed from the program earlier). 

After a controversial stint as leader and a caucus revolt, Stockwell Day steps aside to re-contest the leadership of the Canadian Alliance.


February: Ernst Zundel is found to have violated Sec. 13 as a result of a complaint by Sabina Citron and the Toronto Mayor’s Committee on Community and Race Relations. 

March: Stephen Harper, re-entering politics, defeats Stockwell Day on the first ballot to become leader of the Canadian Alliance. 

May: Harper is elected in a by-election in Calgary Southwest. The ridding was initially to be contested by Ezra Levant who at first refused to step aside to allow Harper to contest the seat (it might be noted that Levant was a supporter of Stockwell Day). However he later agreed to step aside after criticism from the party. 

May: The Heritage Front website moves from the being a part of Lemire’s Freedom-Site, receiving its own web address; the domain is registered in Wolfgang Droege’s name. 

June: Marc Lemire starts posting on the American-based hate webforum, Stormfront (while it seems likely he that he may have been involved in the earlier incarnation of the Stormfront BBS, no evidence of this exists at this point).


The Canadian Alliance (lead by Stephen Harper) and the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada (under the leadership of Peter MacKay) merge to form the Conservative Party of Canada. 

May: Fred Kyburz is found to have violated Sec. 13 as a result of a complaint by Richard Warman. This would be the first of many CHRT decisions made in Richard Warman’s favour. 

July: The Heritage Front urges the electorate of Nova Scotia to throw out John Hamm’s Progressive Conservative government because Hamm is  viewed by the Heritage Front as too pro-immigrant, African-Canadian, and First Nation. In August, Hamm’s PC Party wins another majority.


March: Stephen Harper elected leader of the Conservative Party of Canada on the first ballot. 

June: The Conservative Party wins 99 seats. The Liberals under Paul Martin govern as a minority government.


February: Marc Lemire is 30 years old.
April: Former Heritage Front leader Wolfgang Droege is murdered in Toronto. He is memorialized by Canadian far-right figures including Paul Fromm and Marc Lemire. Lemire and Gerry Lincoln create a dvd memorial that is sold on the Heritage Front’s website. 

September: Eldon Warman is found to be in violation of Sec. 13 as a result of a complaint filed by Richard Warman (no relation). 

November: Lemire filed a Notice of Constitutional Question with every Attorney General in Canada, against the Canadian Human Rights Act, in which he challenged the constitutionality of sections 13 (Internet hate) and 54(1)(1.1) (Fines) of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Specifically he argued that they are in violation of ss. 2(a) and (b), 7, 26 and 31 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. A violation of ss. 1(d) and (f) of the Canadian Bill of Rights is also alleged. As a result of the constitutional challenge, the Canadian Free Speech League, the Canadian Association for Free Expression, the Attorney General of Canada, The Canadian Jewish Congress, B'nai Brith Canada and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre all obtained "Interested Party Status" in the case. 

Some time during this year, the Heritage Front effectively ceases to exist. 


January: The Conservative Party wins 124, defeating the governing Liberals to form a minority government. Stephen Harper becomes Prime Minister. Jason Kenney is appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister. 

February: Syed Soharwardy of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada and the Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities complain about the Ezra Levant "Western Standard" republishing of the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons to the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission.

March: Alexan Kulbashian, James Richardson, the Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team, and Affordable are found to be in violation of Sec. 13 as a result of a complaint filed by Richard Warman. 

April: Tomasz Winnicki is found to be in violation of Sec. 13 as a result of a complaint by Richard Warman. 

June: Western Canada For Us (WCFU) and Glenn Bahr are found to be in violation of Sec. 13 as a result of a complaint by Richard Warman. 

August: A Canadian Human Rights Tribunal found that postings by Craig Harrison on the Freedom-Site forum contained violations of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. No liability was found against Lemire, although the Tribunal did issue a decision that "compelled" Lemire to provide evidence during the hearing. A complaint was also laid against Lemire for allegedly "communicating and/or causing to be communicated" messages in violation of Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.


February: Terry Tremaine is found to be in violation of Sec. 13 as a result of a complaint filed by Richard Warman. 

July: Bobby Wilkinson is found to be in violation of Sec. 13 as a result of a complaint filed by Richard Warman. 

October: Jessica Beaumont is found to be in violation of Sec. 13 as a result of a complaint filed by Richard Warman. 

October: Conservative MP Jason Kenney deny Paul Fromm and Alexan Kalbashian, “admittance to the precincts of the House of Commons during the present session to preserve the dignity and integrity of the House.”


January: BCWHITEPRIDE.COM and John Beck are found to be in violation of Sec. 13 as a result of a complaint filed by the Center for Research-Action on Race Relations. 

January: The Alberta Human Rights Tribunal hearing regarding the complaint against Levant's "Western Standard" takes place. The complaint was eventually withdrawn, as was a complaint by the Edmonton Muslim Council in August.

August: Paul Fromm interviewed on Fox News. Referred to only as a, “free speech activist.” 

September: Melissa Guille and the Canadian Heritage Alliance are found to be in violation of Sec. 13 as a result of a complaint filed by Richard Warman. 

September: Paul Fromm referred to as a, "civil liberty advocate" on Global News. 

October: The Conservative Party wins 143 seats to form the government once again, but is still short of a majority. 

October: Professor Richard Moon, in a report commissioned by the Canadian Human Rights Commission, recommends the repeal of Sec. 13 and instead suggests the strengthening of the Criminal Code dealing with hate crimes. If not repealed, Professor Moon offers a number of amendments to Sec. 13 that,  if implemented, would reshape section 13 so that it more closely resembles a criminal restriction on hate speech. 

November: Delegates at the Conservative Convention in Winnipeg, MB vote to repeal Sec. 13 of the Human Rights Act. Paul Fromm posts message on Stormfront (as well as a link to Marc Lemire’s own website) asking members of the hate site to contact Conservative MPs to support the resolution.


January: In an interview with, “Maclean’s” Prime Minister Stephen Harper states the government has no plan to repeal Sec. 13: 

“The government has no plans to do so. We’re certainly aware of the issue. My understanding—we’ve been monitoring this closely—I think you’ll actually see there’s been some modification of behaviour on the part of the Canadian human rights commissions. The most egregious cases right now are mostly at the provincial level. And it is a very tricky issue of public policy because obviously, as we’ve seen, some of these powers can be abused. But they do exist for valid reasons, which is obviously to prevent public airwaves from being used to disseminate hate against vulnerable members of our society. That’s a valid objective. It’s probably the case that we haven’t got the balance right, but I’m not sure the government today has any answer on what an appropriate balance would be.” 

March: The Northern Alliance and Jason Ouwendyk are found to be in violation of Sec. 13 as a result of a complaint filed by Richard Warman. 

March: British MP George Galloway is advised by the Canada Border Services Agency he was deemed inadmissible to Canada on "security grounds" due to his involvement in the Viva Palestina aid convoy to the Gaza Strip following the 2008–2009 Israel–Gaza conflict. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said he would not overturn the Canada Border Services Agency's decision. Ezra Levant publically supports the decision to ban Galloway from entering Canada as an, “immigration issue” though others view this action as hypocritical. 

March: The Aryan Guard organize their second annual, “White Pride Day” in Calgary. Among those who attend are Paul Fromm, Terry Tremaine, and former Niagara, ON Heritage Front member, Bill Livingston. 

May: Efforts to connect to the Heritage Front’s website reroute the user to the American-based hate website Stormfront. 

August: Paul Fromm and the violent racist gang Blood & Honour (formerly the Aryan Guard) led by convicted criminal Kyle McKee protest outside the Calgary constituency office of  Conservative Party MPJason Kenney. 

September: As of the publishing of this timeline, Lemire posts his last comment on Stormfront (September 2). At this point, Lemire had 595 posts on the infamous hate website. 

September:  CHRT member Athanasios D. Hadjis found Sec. 13 of the Canada Human Rights Act unconstitutional, and refused to impose a penalty on Lemire. However, as Hadjis is not a judge and the tribunal is not a court, his decision does not carry sufficient weight to strike down the section as ultra vires. As a result, the ruling was not binding beyond the Lemire case.


February: Marc Lemire is 35 years old.
August: Paul Fromm and Kyle McKee’s Blood & Honour (formerly the Aryan Guard) protest outside Jason Kenney’s constituency office in response to the arrival of Tamil refugees. Fromm would lead protests in Esquimalt, BC, Hamilton, ON, and Ottawa, ON. 

October: George Galloway is allowed entry into Canada after a judge concluded that the original ban had been undertaken for political reasons. Galloway continues to criticize Jason Kenney, saying that the minister had "damaged Canada's reputation" and had used "anti-terrorism" as a means of suppressing political debate.


April: Paul Fromm, a resident of Ontario with no intention of moving to Alberta, runs for the western separatist Western Bloc Party in Calgary Southeast against Jason Kenney. Fromm cites personal vendetta as a reason for his campaign against Kenney. 

May: The Conservative Party forms a majority government, winning 166 seats. Paul Fromm loses to Kenney in Calgary Southeast…. badly, but then declares the campaign a success. 

May: Ezra Levant, who had previously supported the banning of British MP George Galloway from entering Canada, discusses his support for Dutch politician Geert Wilders and his participation in Wilder’s speaking tour the following month. 

June: Marc Lemire appears on, “The Source” hosted by Ezra Levant to discuss Sec. 13. On the program, Lemire denies any involvement with the Heritage Front (which Levant states, based on his research, was a hate group) except for a brief attraction to some of the group’s positions as a teenager (“I listened to some of what they were about, and uh, I went away from it. I mean I was involved with them peripherally in my teenage years”). He claims to not be a “white pride” supporter and instead refers to himself as a “human rights activist.” Levant does not challenge Lemire’s statements about his past. 

June: Geert Wilders, leader of Holland’s Freedom Party, speaks to about 150 people at the invitation-only event at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa along with Sun News Network host Ezra Levant. The day before, Wilders spoke at the Canada Christian College in Toronto. In part of that speech, Wilder states, “Our Western culture is far superior to Islamic culture ... and only once we are convinced of this will we be able to defend our civilization.” The “Globe & Mail” noted that while Jason Kenney had barred George Galloway in 2009 from entering Canada, his department did not put prevent Mr. Wilders who had, “repeatedly compared Islam to Naziism.” 

August: Jason Kenney condemns racist propaganda of Paul Fromm-mentored racist group in Calgary, the violence-prone Blood & Honour led by Kyle McKee. 

September: Conservative backbencher Brian Storseth drafts private member's bill, C-304 which would repeal Sec. 13. The bill is given public support by a number of Conservative MPs. 

October: Paul Fromm posts message on Stormfront urging members of the hate site to email MPs urging them to support C-304: 

Marc Lemire, the only victim to ever win a Sec. 13 case, applauds Mr. Storseth’s motion: “This is great news for freedom! The time has finally come. We need to get together and write every Member of Parliament and ask them to support Bill C-304.” On September 2, 2009, Marc got Sec. 13 declared unconstitutional. The Canadian Human Rights Commission sought judicial review (appealed) which will be heard in Toronto, Dec. 13-14. 

October: William Whatcott, who was heavily fined by the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission for distributing homophobic leaflets in 2001 and 2002, argues before the Supreme Court that Sec. 13 of the Human Rights Act should be deemed unconstitutional. 

November: Justice Minister Rob Nicholson throws his support behind Brian Storseth’s private member’s bill to repeal Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. This same month, Conservative MP Corneliu Chisu sends a letter to Marc Lemire. In the letter Chisu thanks Lemire and states he will be voting for C-304. Later, Chisu states that he did not know who Marc Lemire was when he sent him the letter and does not share Lemire’s views… if they are as they were described. 

December: Justice Minister Rob Nicholson states that while he supports the repeal of Sec. 13, he also says he intends to strengthen hate crime laws in the Criminal Code. 

December: A federal court review of Canada’s Sec. 13 ends no decision rendered.

December: Marc Lemire makes a second appearance on Ezra Levant's Sun News program to discuss the federal court review of Sec. 13. Once again, Lemire minimizes his involvement with the Heritage Front. 


Anonymous said...

Outstanding...I think this article deserves its own link under "A History of Violence", as anti-racists and antifa across Canada could really benefit from having this info. easily accessible. Keep up the great work, ARC!!

Harry Abrams said...

I think it's too early for both Anti-Racist Canada AND that wikipedia entry to toll the bell on Section 13.

There was just an appeal heard on the Lemire matter which is still awaiting a decision on whether it was fair or correct for the tribunal judge to refuse to issue a decision rather than just severing the penalty clause of the legislation for the purpose of that case.

And we're still waiting for a decision in the Whatcott matter, which was a much more direct question about the Taylor decision which underpins not just Section 13 of the Federal Human Rights Act, but human rights in all of the provinces too.

There's at least an even chance that there will be a finding that the Taylor decision at Supreme Court of Canada is still good law, but the process of applying it needs tweeking.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work!!

Nosferatu200 said...

You may very well be correct Harry. Our guess is that the courts will rule that Sec. 13 is constitutional, though they might strike down the penalty provision. However, with the Conservatives in the majority an an apparent commitment to eliminate Sec 13, we're not sure it will survive the House of Commons.

That being said we certainly acknowledge that me might be totally out to lunch. We are surprised that the demise of Sec. 13 is being written about on Wikipedia. That is a bit premature.

Harry Abrams said...

I think our editor and others who read this blog and are concerned about where this section 13 debate is going would enjoy this exchange that I had with Walker Morrow, an intelligent,young, and I think, sincere fellow, who has been passionately swayed by the anti- Section 13 people without really understanding what it was all about.

Because he is One of the very few right wing type bloggers I've seen who actually considered the comments of MLA Irwin Cotler's rebuttal of that kill S13 bill in Parliament that I decided to offer my own comments and views and experience on this issue.

In this thread you will also see opposing comments from confused "M.," one of the Fourniers' Freedominion people.

Anonymous said...

Recent article regarding the Mark Mariani murder.

Anonymous said...

Best kind, cheers all. Glad to see this info verified and expanded upon.