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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Historic 41st General Election. Oh, And How Did Paulie Do?

Yes, the Conservatives won a majority (Sparky is pleased, though the rest of are not). Yes, it was a historic night for the NDP, now the Her Majesty's Official Opposition. Yes, the Liberals, the "natural governing party" were humiliated. Yes, the Bloc was absolutely destroyed. And finally yes, the Green Party has their first elected member.

We realize the significance of this election and that more knowledgeable and politically astute people than we will be analyzing the outcome for years to come as the political landscape has been turned on its head.

However, our interests are focused on one race in particular.

How did Paulie do?

To our reader on twitter who sent us the link, thanks!
Paul Fromm ran against Jason Kenney in part as a political statement regarding his opposition to immigration, but mostly because of his hurt feelings. We knew he would lose. And he did. Very badly:

Yep, that is pretty bad.

However, that Paulie ran in Calgary does allow us to make an interesting comparison. You see dear readers, in the adjacent ridding, our friend Jason Devine was running under the Communist banner. In the not so distant past Paulie has made pointed comments mocking Jason's final vote tally in previous elections. We figured that we would provide Jason's final vote in this election:

So Jason received 66 more votes than Paulie as well as doubling the percentage of votes Paulie received.

So, to sum up, the citizens of one of the most conservative cities in the most conservative province in the country prefer the communist candidate to Paul Fromm.

Does that sting? That's got to sting.


Anonymous said...

LOL. Fromm got beat by a guy who's name rhymes with "crotch" ... now that's funny.

Anonymous said...

Funny ... on the CBC election graphic you show, Paulie is the only Calgary one you actually have to scroll down to see. He's off the freakin chart! In other Calgary ridings, there were 4 ML (Marxist Leninist) candidates ... who all got more votes that Mr. Fromm. Too much red wine me thinks. His financial backers must be drunken bone headed idiots who are cheaper wine connoisseurs obviously.

Anonymous said...

opps ... was 3 ML candidates I think ... my bad ... just edit it to 3 please

Anonymous said...

Comedic gold! Fromm you fail again.

norton200 said...

You don't make friends with racism! You don't make friends with racism! (to the tune of

Anonymous said...

Fromm finally wrote about the election and his "moderate success"! Self-delusions are strong with this one.