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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reported Assault on Weekend

We received this information a few moments ago:

At 2:30pm on Saturday, a friend of mine saw two boneheads come up to the front of a house in Bridgeland where two people of colour were sitting on their balcony. The boneheads really worked to start a fight, throwing racial slurs, threats and challenges at the two men until finally provoking them. As soon as the fight started, six more boneheads came around the corner where they had been waiting. One was armed with nunchucks and another with bricks. The person my friend was with called the police, who put them on hold. The boneheads beat the hell out of the two unfortunate guys and were gone well before the cops showed up.

Normally, Bridgeland is WEB territory (latest is that Rob still lives in the neighborhood), but both he and Tyler are known to my friend, who says neither were involved. And since there were 8 boneheads - all flying colours - it sounds like it pretty much has to be B&H.

We haven't found anything for confirm this account online yet, however the person providing the information is someone that ARC trusts and has consistently provided accurate information so we suggest this account is factual.

We've also heard some information concerning the south of the city but we aren't quite ready to discuss this as yet.

We noted, soon after the failure of the Blood & Honour march on March 19, that while we were happy that the movement in Calgary appeared to be on decline that activists still need to remain vigilant. This latest incident is an indication of why vigilance remains a priority.


Steve Henry said...

8 versus 2!!!! these nazis are a real bunch of contemptible, low-down cowards. But then criminals ARE cowards!

Anonymous said...

Gee Whizzzzz, wonder if Kyle had his handy work in that. He is back in the city with his lovely Natalie.