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Infighting Amongst Canadian Islamophobes: Part 7 - Meanwhile in Toronto....

As the founder, lead writer, and currently sole member of ARC, I often find it funny that the people who are the quickest to diminish the reach and influence (such as it is) of the blog are among ARC's most dedicated readers. Case in point, the article posted on May 16 detailing the criminal records of the founder of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (Joey De Luca) and his Saskatchewan representative (Christopher Hayes) resulted in an almost immediate response from De Luca:

"They are too well organized to be unpaid grass roots."

First, I don't think Peter Straw understands what grass roots means.

Second, if I was being paid, would I be using Blogger as a platform?

Third, aren't you the same people who say that if a Muslim (refugee, immigrant, or Canadian-born) commits any sort of crime, that person and their entire extended family should be deported to.... somewhere?

Finally, he is overestimating my connections. Really dude, I'm just someone with a laptop, Internet access, and too much time on my hands.

Still, it is fun being thought of as a member of some sort of nefarious cabal. Now if only George Soros would cut me one of those checks I've been hearing about.

But more than the revelation that much of the WCAI leadership ARC is aware of are violent criminals, De Luca seems to be most upset with the ongoing series detailing infighting amongst anti-Muslim groups in Canada.

It would appear that Joey De Luca has declared the infighting to be over and that from this point on there would be a united front against the government, Muslims, anti-fascists, liberals, immigrants in general, wearing white after Labor Day, mimes (I could actually get behind that initiative), basic literacy, and tartar build-up.

Hopefully everyone got the memo.

A little bit of background. It would appear that Sandra Soloman is somewhat of a polarizing figure. There are those such as Joey De Luca of the WCAI and Ronny Cameron who believe she can do no wrong. Others, such as Lynn Redden (leader of the Suffragettes Against Islam who is found at protests wearing the red cowboy hat) and Theresa Smith of Canada First for whom the shine has worn off. This may be in part due to Soloman's desire to be the center of attention as well as rumors that her motives might not be as "pure" as she claims:

Then there's Rise Canada's Ron Banerjee. Soloman was once a part of his group, but I've a feeling he wasn't happy that she started getting the lion's share of the attention:

The "barely literate" immigrant he's writing about is Soloman while speculation is that the "idealistic inexperienced boy" Banerjee is referring to is Ronny Cameron.

So, let's get to the particulars of this most recent circular firing squad by introducing readers to the combatants:
  • Ronny Cameron: Lead guitarist of a mediocre metal band and self-described political activist who may very well have a bigger ego than even Joey De Luca. Also, a wee bit of an authoritarian streak.
  • Lynn Redden: Leader of the Suffragettes Against Islam. Somehow is able to make cowboy hats uncool.
  • Spencer Polap: Member of an Ontario III% quasi-militia who looks mildly out of breath in most photos.
  • Ryan "Alberta" Dean: Formerly a Soldier of Odin, formerly the vice-president of the Guardians of Alberta, currently leader of the (sigh....) Canadian Combat Coalition, and if his photo is indication, the product of sexual congress between his mother and a satyr.
  • Helene Shaw: A ubiquitous poster who, in order to deal with the "treasonous" Justin Trudeau from office, is urging people to tweet Donald Trump so that he, as the leader of a foreign country, can invade the country and remove a democratically elected government by force.... because she's a patriot.
  • Michele Walsh: Formerly included as one of Rise Canada's directors, Walsh has been on an anti-Muslim tirade for a few years now. Also not a fan of the CBC but she loves her some Ezra Levant.
  • And assorted Islamophobes, racists, conspiracy theorists, and frightened shut-ins.

Wow. He's actually using his Facebook friends list as a part of his CV.

So, to paraphrase Ronny....

Well "sead" indeed.

No Ronny. You really don't make your side look good.

And the reason why we didn't go after you "way harder" is because until recently, you were just another schlubb attending anti-Muslim rallies who didn't really distinguish yourself as being particularly significant.

I suppose I should perhaps post the screen shots Robert Jones was kind enough to include:

I don't know about any of you, but I know that I am enjoying the show.

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