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June 3 in Ottawa: Trouble-a-Brewin'

I think the best way to start this article is by making fun of the financial management of Joey De Luca of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI). As ARC's readers know, De Luca and Ryan Dean (of the over the top Canadian Combat Coalition) are planning a protest in Calgary to coincide with a "Million Canadian Deplorable" march on parliament in Ottawa. To that end, De Luca decided to purchase red "WCAI" t-shirts (really, what are with these groups and their love t-shirts?) because he wanted to see a sea of red at both his and the Ottawa event.

He has recently posted an image of one of said t-shirts:

Wow. He bought $500 worth of natural cotton apparel? So, buying in bulk, that would be.... what? Maybe 40 to 50 t-shirts? Maybe 30 he's charged more for the silk screening. Not a lot, but I suppose if they are all being worn by Calgary supporters, then visually it would still be decent a show of unity. And at least it was, as De Luca puts it, "$500 well spent."

De Luca's friend Ryan Dean also picked up t-shirts for his group, which resulted in a rather eye opening discussion:

Hahaha! Rape jokes are sooo funny! You stay classy Joey!


No, really, WHAT?

You're telling me that Joey De Luca spent $512 on a total of 12 t-shirts?

That almost $43 per shirt!

Holy fuck! Did they see him coming with "MARK" labeled on his forehead a mile away?

Joey. Baby. I hate to tell you this, but 12 t-shirts aren't a sea!

Hell, they're barely a puddle!

If this is the kind of financial management one can expect from the Dear Leader of the WCAI, his supporters better be sure to ask for separate bills should they ever go out to drinks with him.

UPDATE: It would seem that Ryan and Joey might be a bit embarrassed by this revelation as this portion of the discussion has been removed from the thread:

And that gets me to the point of this particular article. Whether in Calgary or in Ottawa, these anti-government Islamophobes are really, really, bad at organizing things.

So let's now move east and discuss the state of the June 3 rally on Parliament Hill.

I first learned about the "Million Canadian Deplorables March Against Trudeau" march and rally that is to occur on Parliament Hill June 3 earlier in March. The main organizer, Mike Waine, seems to have a rather sketchy understanding of what the word, "million" means though:

First, 1,000 to 30,000 is quite a range.

Second, 30,000 falls significantly short of one million, but hey, A+ for effort.

To be fair, 30,000 people marching on Parliament Hill would be a pretty big deal. Earlier this month an ideologically similar event (at least with regard to the conservative nature of the two), the March For Life anti-abortion protest, attracted a few thousand people; they had expected 20,000 to 25,000. If Waine could attract more than an event that has a much longer history, that would be quite a coup.

However his immediate follow-up left me and others really questioning if he truly understood the logistics of a 1,000 person rally, never mind 30 times that number:

And then there's the rather inconvenient issue of a permit which Waine and co. didn't seem to care all that much about back as early as April:

More on Mr. Waine and permits soon.

Then there's our new friend Steven Alexander Gregory Birtwistle Prentis Fannybottom Stumblecock Myatt Esq. III who is super excited about the whole thing:

And what Myatt lacks in actual knowledge regarding the Westminster Parliamentary System....

.... he more than makes up for with his condescension and delusions of grandeur:

You see Myatt is a VERY important person now, as he, along with Mike Waine and Ronny Cameron, are organizing the Ottawa rally this weekend, however the Waine and others reveal more than they perhaps wished to:

When the event was first being planned, Waine wanted EVERYONE to go to Ottawa, to show up in such a large number that they couldn't be ignored. Rallies in other cities was discouraged and all were urged to drive, fly, and otherwise appear in Ottawa. Edmonton was an event planned even before Waine's efforts, so that was melded into the overall scope of the project but, well, we know how that went.

Now, not only are folks to appear in Ottawa and Edmonton, but now they're to show up in Calgary, Vancouver, Fredericton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Regina. Before the week is done, I wouldn't be surprised if Toronto and/or Montreal will again be included as cities participating in this "historic" event.

That's sort of an admission that they aren't going to get the numbers in one location that they had been wanting.

Then there's this:

Yes Joey, we know all about the t-shirts.
Seems there are rumors that Ottawa won't be happening at all, a discussion that continues with the infighting we've come to know and love from these people:

De Luca posted the entire comment from the "Canada Matters" page, so I'll post that screen shot and accompanying comments here:

As of late May, Waine appears to have done a 180° on the whole "I-don't-NEED-no-stink'n-permit!" shtick if we're to believe Arthur Smitherman:

Flexible, eh? Sounds very revolutionary.

Waine also makes another confession here in that he says they will march where they are allowed to go, which may be Parliament Hill or a nearby park.

When you're whole spiel is about marching on Parliament Hill to demand the resignation of the sitting Prime Minister and his majority government, protesting in some nearby park might seem like a bit anticlimactic. It certainly isn't what Waine, Myatt, of Cameron have been advertising.

That could perhaps be because, had they actually taken the time to do a modicum of research, they would have learned, as Smitherman observed in the video, that there is already a group that plans on holding an event on June 3 on Parliament Hill, and I'm betting that they already have their permit for the event:

Isn't this sort of the definition of entitlement? The idea that they could plan on holding an event and the world would just neatly conform to their desires?

And the kicker is that some are aware of the conflict and think that it is an nefarious attempt by Trudeau, who likely hasn't the foggiest notion of who these people are, to thwart their efforts:

Yeah, no. The Lyme disease people had this planned months before you twits made your plans:

It isn't ALL about you.

Not surprising, with a week before the big event, few know any details and nerves have started to fray with accusations of financial impropriety being bandied about:

So, here we are.

Less than a week before an event with very little logistical planning, a microscopic budget that may or may not be properly accounted for, and plans to use a public space that another group has likely had permission to use months before. Couple all of this with the fact at a lot of these people don't even seem to get along with one another.

I'm sure that the "Million Canadian Deplorables March Against Trudeau" in Ottawa is going to go off without a hitch.

But at least they didn't spend $512 on 12 cotton t-shirts. That would be embarrassing as hell.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for exposing this mountain of bullshit. I saw a report on Brietbart about 5000 Canadians marching on parliament hill but see no new coverage about it, no photos on FB, nothing...anywhere. I guess anyone can create any story they want these days. No end to the ignorance is there?

Here's the link to the story mentioned above...

tg in bc