Saturday, May 27, 2017

Lindsay Thurber High School: WCAI and CCC Still Refuse To Accept Reality

This past Tuesday, members of the WCAI, Canadian Combat Coalition, Soldiers of Odin, III% members as well as a few local supporters protested outside of a Red Deer, AB school because they believed a fight that occurred there the week was before was evidence that Syrian refugee students were targeting children and facing no punishment; later they also claimed that there was mass sexual harassment and assaults being committed against the students of the school.

Later, the school principal and the superintendent went out to speak to the protesters, calmly explaining that all the students involved in the fight were suspended for five days each and that there has been no indication that the new claims about sexual assaults being committed by Syrian refugees against female students were occurring, however if such behavior was occurring that they would urge students to bring this concern to the administration.

The protesters, satisfied that their concerns had been addressed and, as reasonable people, all thanked the principal and superintendent and left knowing that the grainy video and the claims made that the Syrian kids were not punished were all false and that they needed to be more careful about believing anything they see on the Internet.


Just kidding!

No, they're still going ape-shit and are now supporting the harming of the principal because they didn't like that he didn't confirm their biases:

Now, while they seem to think that they are heroes....

.... the rest of the rational world sees them for exactly the kinds of people they really are:

This has resulted in hurt feelings as these idiots can't seem to understand why THEY are viewed as the bad guys just because they happen to BE the bad guys:

And when Alberta premier Rachel Notley commented on the event....

.... the members of the WCAI and CCC showed us what they really think of uppity women:

But not to worry. Some in the "media" still have some love for good ol' minority bashing:

We've seen your videos.

They really don't help you.

At all.

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