Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Infighting Amongst Canadian Islamophobes: Part 2

The Islamophobic groups ARC have been following for the past few years really like rallies and protests. They also seem think that these events are of great historical significance and are the first steps towards "taking Canada back" from the darker coloured folks whom they characterize as invaders and the duly elected government whom they believe are tyrannical despots, an indication that they wouldn't know a tyrannical despot if one sat on their faces and started to wiggle:

They are also big on pig roasts of late. I guess they believe this is the ultimate insult to Muslims. Got to tell you folks, the Muslims I know don't care if I eat a BLT, and since they aren't invited to this event, I don't know that they're going to care at all. It is sort of reminiscent of Ron Banerjee and a few of his malcontents "sticking it to the Muzzies" by walking dogs in front of a Toronto mosque believing that Muslims hate dogs; the only thing that happened was that a lot of Muslims came by to pet the dogs. Also, since these groups have allied themselves with extremist Hindus (like Banerjee) as well as the JDL, do they not realize that Jews also have a dietary prohibition when it comes to pork?

Okay, that was quite the digression. Back to the point.

In any case, this event promises 1,000,000 men and women marching on Ottawa to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Trudeau and the rest of the Liberal Party. Or perhaps a million is merely a symbolic number? At any rate with a month to go it seems that they are currently 999,611 short of this particular goal.

I also have to question the organizational skills of those who are planning this event.

There seems to be two key figures. The first, Mike Waine, has made a plea for money for what he believes will be of historic proportions and that people who attend will proudly tell their grandchildren that they were there:

To be fair, he is right. Even is only the current 389 individuals make this event, there will be costs associated with it. And in order to recoup the costs, Waine set up a Go Fund Me account two months ago to raise $1,000,000 for this ground breaking event.

How is it doing so far?

Again, currently a bit short of the goal with a month left.

Still, those who replied to Waine's message seem enthusiastic. Maybe a little too enthusiastic:

We aren't sure bringing weapons to Parliament Hill will be approved of.

Now, you're probably asking yourselves if they have a permit for this event?

Uhm.... not so much, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

The other fella organizing this event, though I use the word "organizing" in the loosest sense of the word, is this guy:

Steven Alexander Gregory Myatt looks to be the primary organizer and is super excited:

Legion might be a stretch, but A+ for being an eager beaver.

To get an idea of what Myatt and his followers would like to do when they arrive at Parliament Hill, he's not so subtle:

And his supporters are even less so:

Or maybe he was just buying something from the Dollar Tree and has
no idea who you are? That might also be a possibility.

However, in the midst of these people fantasizing about murdering politicians, there was a bit of tension:

There's the rub, and an issue that was discussed in the previous article.

These people really don't even like each other all that much.

But getting back to the planned Million Canadian March, Myatt seems to be operating on the "Field Dreams" model of event planning:

That's all good if you live in Iowa, own a corn field, and have daddy issues that need to be resolved by helping the ghosts of the 1919 White Socks play baseball again, but it might not be as effective in our nation's capital:

That's right. An event that he believes will attract one million people, and he didn't bother getting a permit until this May 1.

Good thinking indeed:

Still, a permit isn't first and foremost on WCAI Canada's Jesse Wielenga's mind:

Right. Planning on a possible armed insurrection.

I'm sure that the folks who you contacted for that permit are going to get right on that.

Not surprisingly, there are those who seem to have cast doubt on whether this shit show is actually going to take place. Myatt posted the following to reassure those doubters, though he doesn't really say all that much to reassure people other than variations of, "trust me, it's going to happen."

Honestly, I'm more reassured by Larry the Cable Guy when he says, "git er done!" but then again I'm a little bit of a cynic:

Doesn't seem that everyone is entirely confident, does it.

However, the best part, and continuing the theme of infighting amongst these groups, is this exchange:

It's been a fun show to be sure, though Myatt seems less pleased than I am:

Well John, it doesn't seem that there need to be infiltrators joining your groups to create divisions.

You all are doing a bang up job of that yourselves.

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