Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sandra Solomon Had a Bad Day In Winnipeg

Though not nearly as bad as she has been claiming.

Toronto-based Islamophobe Sandra Solomon is on a cross country tour promoting her particular brand of bat-fucking-insanity to an audience who, outside of other Islamophobes and anti-fascists, ask the question, "who the hell is that crazy lady and why is she blocking my way to the supermarket?"

Today Solomon was in Winnipeg with a handful of local supporters. The reception she received was not to her liking as those opposed to her came out to verbally oppose her.

Which to Sandra Solomon is equivalent to a violent assault:

Uhm, no. No, that's not what happened. Not even close.

As the good folks at Pegida Watch noted:
Sandra Solomon was not assaulted in Winnipeg today but predictably, Solomon and her supporters are using the lie that she was in an attempt to raise money from her gullible followers, just like she did after supposedly being injured in a car accident - only to miraculously recover enough within days to fly to Washington and spend hours on end standing at a protest, waving a flag and a megaphone.
Those involved in the counter-protest offer this take which is corroborated by other witnesses and a video:
Earlier today Canada's #1 Islamophobe and top reactionary decided it was a good idea to come and spew her vile hate speech and conspiracy theories at City Hall here in Winnipeg. She and about 5 of her supporters draped In Canadian flags showed up on Main Street and was quickly confronted by us. 
An altercation occurred when her supporter attacked one of our comrades. This is the complete opposite to what Never Again Canada and her self is reporting. Solomon was never attacked or harmed in the process however after being attacked our comrade was detained (later released without charge) the police set up a 10 ft line between us and the haters. 
We managed to keep them off the street make her speech inaudible, shouted her and her supporters down and got passersby an observers to join us in denouncing her and her paranoid politics. We basically did it the only way Winnipeg could do it and that was make her and her minions look like complete clowns in public. 
After being unsuccessful on trying to get public support (pretty hard in one of the most diverse areas of Canada) her and her followers left with their proverbial tails between their legs. We found out later that they proceeded to the safe space of the isolated Manitoba Legislative Building. Had we known we would of followed her there, luckily the legislature is cut off from the main streets of Broadway and Osborne so they probably had a little hate fest in their safe space with no real automotive or pedestrian traffic. 
What you see on Never Again Canada and her Facebook is a flat out fabrication and sensationalized​ information to Garner sympathy and get other reactionaries to fund her sham of a movement. No matter who shows up on Treaty 1, [be they] Soldiers of Odin, Sandra Solomon, CCCC, WCAI, or any other "Patriot" group they will be met with resistance from not only FF1 Antifa but the citizens of this great multicultural, diverse and inclusive city. Let today be a lesson for any of you who want to spew hatred and ignorance here, we are waiting, we are watching. PEG CITY DON'T PLAY.
Solomon is continuing on to Regina tomorrow....

....and will be in Calgary on June 3 where she will no doubt continue to make friend and influence people in the same manner she did in Winnipeg.

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