Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Criminality Within WCAI's Leadership

The fallout from WCAI's Joey De Luca and his dispute with the Alberta Citizens Coalition (ACC) over the planned Edmonton protest at the legislature and subsequent decision to hold his own event in Calgary while at the same time sabotage the event in Edmonton continues today:

If there's one thing we've come to learn about Joey though, it is just how humble he is:

De Luca also mentions the June 24 rally he's planning. I'll
have more on that in a future article.

But aside from Joey trying to compare penis size with other Islamophobic groups that have sprung up that are so far beneath his level of importance that he shouldn't even have to bother to speak to them unless they are at the minimum the head of a national organization (yeah, yeah, it's a run on sentence), the dispute has resulted in ARC learning something about Joey:

"Assault charge?"

Thank you Joey. I genuinely appreciate your inept efforts to make my job so much easier.

First, De Luca isn't a Calgarian by birth. Born in 1983, he is originally from British Columbia which is confirmed by his two Facebook profiles:

Knowing this, that his birth name is Giuseppe, and that it is very easy to find criminal records from British Columbia online, I took a little stroll along the Interweb and....

Okay, a George Takai gif might be a bit much. Let's be honest. None of us are really all that surprised to learn this.

Let's take a look at the first of the two charges:

So on the charge of possession for the purposes of trafficking, reasonable grounds were satisfied, meaning that the allegation took place.

But Joey had mentioned an assault charge as well.

Yep. On August 12, 2013, Giuseppe "Joey" De Luca, founder of the WCAI which claims to be concerned about violence and criminal activity by Muslims in Canada, was himself convicted of assault causing bodily harm. And on August 23, 2013, the court found there was reasonable cround to support the allegations that De Luca was was in possession of a controlled substance for the purposes of trafficking.

I don't know. That seems like a big deal to me, but what do I know.

Also, this guy:

Here is Christopher Hayes, the self-proclaimed rep for WCAI in Saskatchewan. Formerly associated with the Soldiers of Odin, Hayes is best known for his recent conviction for uttering threats directed toward the prime minister.

And is seems that things haven't really changed:

Yeah Chris. You do know that your probation ending on November 13 doesn't give you carte blanche to start threatening to kill politicians and religious minorities, right?

Scratch that. Chris isn't very bright so he probably doesn't realize this:

I'll be writing more about the June 24 event soon, but I might just take a break from beating up on the WCAI for a little bit and finally get that Proud Boy article that was submitted up next.

Unless of course something else happens.

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They can't seem to help themselves from being so aggressive... like cavemen. Thanks for putting the time in and not letting them fly under the radar. ^5!