Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Red Deer Anti-Muslim Protest Update: A Look At Two Parents

If you haven't read the first article on the story concerning the Islamophobic protest that took place today outside a Red Deer high school, we invite our readers to first click on this link.

Also, for people who claim not to be racist, the Islamophobe protesters' supporters don't seem to like brown folk at their rallies:

But I digress....

Upon watching one of De Luca's videos in which he and others question school officials, I couldn't help noticing one figure (the original video has been edited, shortening it to the section readers should pay attention to):

Yes Joey, let's see how that looks on the news hour.

Since Ms. Lyle has provided her name to the media, she is now a public figure and as such her claims warrant some scrutiny.

Not too long after the protest, WCAI and CCC members started to comment on the media coverage:

There are three figures of interest here, including an old friend:

You all remember Thomas Trenerry right? Formerly a member of the Calgary-based Aryan Guard and later Blood & Honour?

However these two posts are perhaps more interesting for reasons that I hope will soon become apparent:

The readers may have noticed in the last article that I mentioned while I and others don't believe there is a mass of parents who fear their sons and daughters are being subjected to assaults and sexual abuse by Syrian students, we do know that WCAI and CCC have been in contact with at least one parent:

Ron Briggs is someone associated with the III% movement. He suggests that "Chad" is the father of one of the boys involved and was unjustly punished for trying to be a peacemaker while the "Syrian instigators" got off with no punishment.

Maybe, but as someone who was involved in the Alberta school system as recently as six years ago, I know how hard it is for a student to receive a five day school suspension for a first offense. That said, if the offense is serious enough, then perhaps five days could be warranted?

Both Briggs and Dean provided their direct messages with Chad in an effort to coordinate the protest:

I was able to find Chad Lyle on Facebook and while he is now using his own photo for his profile picture, he had been using this one as early as this weekend:

What I find interesting is that this was being used as Chad Lyle' profile photo on March 24, almost two months prior to the fight that took place on May 16. He also posted this gem earlier in the year:

This was more than four months prior to the May 16 fight in which his son was also involved.

Chad Lyle was also present at the protest today where both he and De Luca discussed conspiracy theories and fantasized about sticking all the Muslims in one area of Calgary, then bombing that area from Cold Lake:

Later on in the video he suggested that it might be time to, "take up arms" while discussing with others how "whites" make up only 30% of Trudeau's cabinet (which isn't actually true), necessitating a future civil war:

All seems rather convenient, doesn't it?

Chad Lyle is a married man. His wife, Letisha Lyle, is the same woman featured in the segment of De Luca's video included at the beginning of the article who feels the school administration is not being honest and that neither she nor her child feels safe at the high school.

Letisha Lyle also has a history of antipathy towards government, immigrants, Muslims, Syrians, and refugees that predate the incident on May 16, in some cases by several months, based on a number of her posts on social media which she neglects to divulge to those journalist interviewing her:

Now, does any of this information mean that the claims made by Mr. and Mrs. Lyle are not true?

No, though their claims are directly contradicted by the school administration which states that all parties involved in the fight were punished, non-Syrian and Syrian alike.

And it does cause one to question if perhaps Mr. and Mrs. Lyle are motivated for other reasons than a sense that an injustice was done to their son.

In speaking to someone from the school, we were told that the fight that was caught on video was precipitated by an incident that occurred the day before. This individual claimed that it resulted because of harassment and racist statements directed towards a Syrian girl that some of the Syrian boys took offence to.

The school administration suggested that the incident was as a result of miscommunication due to an existing language barrier.

The WCAI and their supporters believe the incident was indicative of Muslim violence and an effort to ethnically cleanse "Canadian" (white) people from the country while at the same time sexually exploiting young girls.

If I were to pick scenarios that were the most realistic, I think I would have to go with what the individual at the school believes caused the event or the school administration's understanding of what went down. Hell, it could very well be a combination of the two?

But the third scenario? The Muslim conspiracy?

Forgive me for my skepticism. 

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Anonymous said...

I feel bad for the kids. From all legitimate news sources it sounds like they resolved the issue among themselves, but the school was forced to take strong action after the original incident erupted on social media.