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Far-Right Conspiracy Theories Rampant During Pandemic

It's not a surprise that the far-right have latched onto every conspiracy under the sun with respect to Covid-19; this is where they live. It's also not a surprise that they're willing to put people in danger in order to bolster what they believe to be the truth, while maintaining that everyone else is the problem. The far-right exists because of conspiracy theories, be it the ZOG, white genocide/demographic replacement, the dangers of the UN and globalism, QAnon, or a fake pandemic and 5G. It takes a skewed worldview to buy into those ideas, and they feed off each other. Fear begets fear.

Our friend and ARC founder Kurt Phillips recently wrote an article detailing some of the conspiracies we've seen. In the UK 5G towers are being set on fire by people who believe they are causing the novel coronavirus. Lifestyle and parenting "influencers" are sharing these ideas without consequence. Anti-vaxxers have jumped on the train, too. When Trump called it the "Chinese virus," they felt vindicated and emboldened.

The issue has been covered widely by media, and yet social media companies have yet to crack down in any meaningful way from preventing the spread of these noxious ideas. Although YouTube has just announced they are suppressing videos about 5G, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram seem oblivious.

Coronavirus misinformation has stoked xenophobia, created relentless demand (and considerable profit) for products that are unlikely to help anyone, added considerable confusion to an already uncertain situation, and has only continued to multiply...
...Anti-vaxxers think the virus is an effort to force vaccines on them, possibly orchestrated by Bill Gates. Others blame 5G networks. Then there’s the one everyone should always be expecting. “One of the oldest stereotypes about the Jewish people is that they have power to manipulate these global events to their benefit,” says Oren Segel, vice president of the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism. “[The theory is] that the Jews have created the coronavirus in order to try to gain power at the expense of others.”
Hate group Northern Guard has uploaded a series of documents to their private Facebook group. In one dated April 5th titled "Update on the war against the deep state/world elites and the current covid19 crisis," author, moderator, and Invermere, BC chapter member Steve Gutsch outlines a laundry list of conspiracies related to Covid-19:
It appears that there is a concerted effort to shut down the satanic pedophile rings around the world and many arrests have already occurred and thousands of children are being rescued. Real news of this will be disclosed soon.
We are still being told of the internet and MSM platforms going to be shut down for several days, but the timing of this is not confirmed. 
Another area of concern while we are sequestered inside our homes is the continued rollout of the 5G network and the installation of 5G towers everywhere. The more I read about 5G, the more concern I have of the health implications of this high frequency radiation platform. I do not believe 5G is good for humanity and that it is a form of weapon against us to be used by the globalist elites.
In another document from March 28th with the same title, Gutsch writes:
My interpretation of the research regarding this virus is that it was developed in a research lab near Winnipeg and then stolen and taken to China by Chinese intelligence agents. The patent for the virus does list Bill Gates as one of the patent holders through the Gates foundation, and it is believed the virus was developed as a bio-weapon and is a part of the de-population agenda. It is not 100% clear how the virus was released from the lab in Wuhan China, and we may never know the truth of that, however the virus is real and is now spreading globally. 
…AIDS/HIV, Bird flu, Swine flu, SARS, MERV, H1N1, Ebloa, Ecoli, Zika, West Nile, etc…These are all man made patented viruses that have been released upon the world in the past 4 decades (co-incidentally Agenda 21 was signed near 30 yrs ago). 
Of course, his real concern is their liberties:
Of much more concern are the steps in restricting our rights and freedoms to supposedly “combat” the virus. Our local chapter in small town Rocky Mountains (Invermere) was actually called today by both the town mayor and the RCMP warning us not to gather for our weekly protest or face incarceration and fines of $1000 (not sure if group or each person would be fined). Our chapter is small. The province has said no groups larger than 10 people are to gather or be fined for disobeying. We only have 4-6 show usually so why did they need to call us and threaten us with jail and a fine for not even breaking the restriction? Seems odd to us, especially when we see people going into the grocery stores without any protection and in numbers larger than our protest would have been. Is the covid19 crisis serving another purpose? We know the deep state is panicking. They have lost in every attempt to remove Trump from office.

Ricardo Duchesne, the former University of New Brunswick professor who left his job due to his views, has promoted racist Dr. Teresa Tam trutherism on his ethnonationalist website, Council for Euro-Canadians, in an article authored by a GTA-area blogger named Kidist Paulos Arast. Arast, who, interestingly, is a woman of colour, runs a few hodge-podge blogs focusing on "art and culture," with a "western civilization" bent.

In an article on the CEC website, Arast writes:

There is plenty of information available to satisfy one's curiosity of Tam's qualifications, all of which far exceed those of the author of the nonsense above

"Misinformation about the global panic"

The comments on the post are typically about whether or not Tam is transgender: 

A comment by Sally Ann Cunliffe, an East Coast blogger with multiple websites who regularly trolls and posts nonsense conspiracy theories. Like Duchesne, Cunliffe is an official member of the Canadian Nationalist Party

Duchesne himself is promoting conspiracies on Twitter, claiming that the purpose of masks is to eradicate any white identity: 

As well as racist Dr. Tam truther conspiracies: 

And claiming that China is the "biggest menace to whites:"

Resurrection Europa, a white nationalist and conspiratorial account frequently promoted by Duchesne on Twitter, is overt in their racist conspiracy claims that the virus is a Marxist plot created by China to invade Canada, and frequently posts about the dangers of vaccinations.

A particularly vile tweet, praising a clip of a man threatening people in the Chinese consulate in Australia with a bullwhip

Duchesne's insistence that the virus is being utilized to replace white people hasn't been overlooked by others in the game:

Fromm promoting Duchesne's idea that the virus is being used for white replacement

Fromm is also promoting the conspiracy that the virus was cooked up in a Winnipeg lab, and secretly ferried to China for release - a conspiracy that has been debunked by the journalist from the original story on the Winnipeg lab

Over on Facebook, the patriots are neck-deep in conspiracy theories. Izidor Sarvari, a Yellow Vest organizer from Calgary, has stated repeatedly he refuses to follow the health guidelines laid out, and believes it is a hoax.

One of the signs found at the Calgary Yellow Vest weekly rallies, this one from April 11, 2020. Police cruisers can be seen in the video. It appears the protesters were left alone. 

Izidor and Nick Smart, another Calgary YV organizer, are planning a march protesting the social distancing orders for April 12, 2020.

Georges Hallak, of the Canadian Coalition for Concerned Citizens, is spreading conspiracies that the virus is being used to prevent Trump's re-election in November, and that it was intentionally released by the Chinese, who now have blood on their hands.

Comments under the above post

Hallak's followers claiming China should be "bombed back to the stone age," and "wiped from the face of the earth"

Ruddi Bruce, an anti-Muslim Yellow Vest, is uploading videos claiming that the pandemic is "psychological warfare." He recently had Alberta Wexiteer Jon Mihalich, who was recently profiled by The Walrus, spoke about how the virus is a "set-up," and we are "on the brink of war." Interestingly, they both claim to have abandoned Wexit as an idea, as separation is no longer viable.

They go on to talk about 5G, and Mihalic states 5G is "killing people."  The 5G/Covid-19 conspiracy is one of the most popular ones gaining traction. It claims that 5G towers, via radio waves, and not the virus, are responsible for the deaths in China, and that the isolation measures imposed by governments is a ruse in order to install wide-spread 5G towers without public knowledge. In the UK, at least 20 5G towers have been set on fire as a result of the conspiracy theory.

The 5G/Covid-19 theory is scientifically impossible.

Ruddi also posts conspiracies about how the virus is a depopulation tool:

And how empty hospitals support the conspiracy that the virus is a hoax:

Alongside 5G, the "#FilmYourHospital" campaign has become very popular with the far-right. Stephen Garvey of the NCA has uploaded footage of him entering, and being removed from, emergency rooms: 
There is plenty of documentation as to why hospitals are not as busy as we would normally think right now, but that doesn't matter to these people. Most are in it for clicks and clout. 

Derek Storie, one of the biggest proponents of the "campaign," has been uploading footage to his YouTube channel:

Circling back to the 5G conspiracy, one of the most widely shared stories circulating right now is the interview with David Icke, the British conspiracy theorist who believes in reptilians controlling humankind, and claims a number of world leaders are, in fact, reptilian. 

In the interview, Icke encouraged further arson against 5G towers in the UK. 

It's both baffling and frightening that the set who believe the media is intentionally lying to us will also promote the ideas of Icke. And yet, promote it they do. Over and over again. 

Failed Canadian Nationalist Party candidate Gus Stefanis

Duke Willis, leaning into the antisemitism, which is the root of these conspiracies

Vaccines are another major topic, ranging from the typical anti-vaxx "dangers," to the belief that vaccinations will carry micro ID chips, the test itself infects people, and those who refuse them will be hauled off to camps. 

As it stands, healthcare guidelines are not preventing them from gathering, albeit in small numbers. This weekend, Yellow Vests in Calgary were watched by police, who sat in their cruisers. Due to the small numbers, it's entirely possible that they will slip through the cracks, given most cities have a rule of 5-10 people gathering. It's shameful that they're being permitted to rally and spread these dangerous ideas.

In Estevan, Riedel and his friends got together for a convoy and rally "for front line workers."
Odd, considering the type of content Riedel has been posting nonstop to social media:

It's easy to laugh them off and call them crazy, however it's a grave a mistake to do so. It isn't just them they're harming, this time. The world is moving through a global pandemic, one that has the potential to cause major disruption. They've shown they're comfortable putting people at risk, either by perpetuating these myths, or by flouting the necessary behaviours that society must participate in to flatten the curve. These ideas have a very real possibility of harming people. These people are a threat to our health.

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