Sunday, May 05, 2019

Hate Groups At Toronto Pegida Rally Burn Quran and Set Off Smoke Bombs

Sooooo, remember when these people claimed to be opposed to Islamic extremism, but not Muslims?

No one believed that then nor does anyone believe it now:

So we have members of the Proud Boys (including the braying Jackass Tim Kelly), Northern Guard, Yellow Vests, Canadian Combat Coalition, Nouns of Odin, and Canadian Nationalist Party members burning a Quran on a public street during the Pegida rally yesterday.
But they don't hate anyone, of course.

I should also note that Andre is also an Ontario rep for the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam.

Interesting that the Proud Boys who pretended to condemn Andre would
later burn a Quran with him. Almost like they weren't actually sincere....

This was only one of a number of incidences of provocation and violence committed by the fascists (and that is an accurate label) while complaining about being the victims.

For example, while marching they were stopped by counter-protesters in their tracks. They responded by trying to push through and used the flag poles they were carrying as weapons:

Oh, and there is Robert Jones at the end of the video, a person who proudly proclaims himself as being a fascist:

There was also the smoke bomb for which a member of the Pegida fascists was arrested:

In the video, the fascists claim that the smoke bomb had been thrown at them first by the counter-protesters. The problems with this claim are:

  • Nothing in the video suggests that it had been thrown at the Pegida fascists since there was no smoke until it had been thrown first by the Canadian Nationalist Party member (Andre I believe) and then because it didn't make it to the counter-protesters by the Yellow Vest member who was then taken into custody.
  • The voice(s) wanting the fascist side to throw "another one" which again suggests that it originated on their side.
I also can't help but notice that the color of the smoke is the same as that which Boswick and Storie use when engaged in their poorly attended Yellow Vest protests on a Toronto-area overpass. And in what I am sure must be a TOTAL coincidence after those who remained were able to "march" (which is a very nice way of saying "go for a walk after being humiliated")....

.... Boswick and Storie set off yellow smoke bombs there:

As an aside, I'm not sure why the lone JDL fella wants to hang around with people like Ryan Mclean of the Canadian Combat Coalition who posts antisemitic images including these:

I'm also not sure why he would associate with Boswick and Storie who have become quite chummy with Paul Fromm:

More on this one later.

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