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Sunday, May 26, 2019

May 2019 Bits and Bites: Michele Tittler, the III%ers, Northern Guard and Robert Jones, and More

This is going to be long and disjointed. I'm also going to miss a lot of stories others are covering. Still, I thought it appropriate to provide a brief summary of what is happening on the far-right during the latter month of May. For starters, this happened:

I'm not holding my breath that anything will actually happen, but I may very well be surprised.


After the tragedy in Christchurch I spent some time looking at the usual far-right social media groups I keep tabs on to see what their reaction would be (spoiler alert: they were as awful as they were predictable). One group I hadn't checked for some reason was the Northern Guard however founder and self-described white nationalist Nick Gallant did post a message to lament the REAL victims of the mass murder.

White, gun-owning, conservatives:

At least one person challenges other Northern Guard supporters on the whole "how do you know he was a racist?" by reminding them that in the murderer's fevered dream he called a manifesto he proudly proclaims himself a racist. He further questions Gallant  on the "Islamic extremists who murder Muslims are leftwing extremists" narrative. Gallant's response, if I'm to be kind, is a garbled mess:

In other posts Gallant continues to push the Northern Guard further to the extreme fringes (I mean, it is hard to become more extreme but Nick seems rather hell bent). Here he proudly, and with the approval of Northern Guard member Robert Jones, posts quotes by individuals regarded as fascist intellectuals:

How come I get the feeling that Nick Gallant, who gives the impression based on his videos that he is barely literate, doesn't actually read Savitri Devi or Julius Evola. Hell, I think he would find an Archie comic to be challenging.

Still, he does meet with the approval of proud fascist (no, really) Robert Jones who is doubling down on his praise for mass murderers who target innocent worshipers and children:

Lately Jones has been pushing his anti-LGTBQ views as well:

To that end Jones has started to attend anti-LGBTQ protests, including one this past week hosted by two homophobes with links to the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario; Ann Gilles who ran for the PCs in the last election in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound and Tanya Granic Allen who ran in the PC leadership race and who ultimately endorsed Doug Ford:

Jones' focus on demonizing the LGBTQ community resulted in a comment from another person who first became infamous for her targeting of FNMI peoples before adding Islamophobia to her rather toxic stew of hatred:

Michele Tittler is currently in a whole heap of trouble with a number of charges against her including criminal harassment, extortion by threatening to publish libel, and publishing defamatory libel known to be false (a fourth charge, publishing defamatory libel, was dropped perhaps because the third count covered this already). She now has a new charge against her:

Breach of undertaking or recognizance appears to this non-legal expert to suggest that she has been engaging in the same behavior that got her into trouble in the first place. This more recent post further suggests she is doubling-down:

Yeah, I don't think accusing the Chief of Police or Crown Prosecutor of being involved in a massive child abuse conspiracy is going to help her argument here, particularly when the claim isn't true and based on conspiracy theories promoted by the likes of the QAnon cult.

Ms. Tittler has some court appearances coming up and they appear to be going into 2020:

Speaking of legal issues, Yellow Vests member Rick Boswick was recently charged with uttering threats:

As of the publishing of this article, Boswick himself hasn't said much, however Derek Storie did post a message that he seems to think cryptically suggests Boswisk and, perhaps Kevin Johnston, will be exonerated:

Storie and Boswick have taken to claiming that they are facing "publication bans" and this can't tell their whole story. Given that such bans are applied to big profile cases often containing material that could prejudice a jury pool, I have to imagine that this is bull shit or they are mistaking, "stop threatening people online" with "da corts is duh'nying me muh freedum!" The alternatives are that they don't want to tell people the nature of the charges against them, they want to make people perceive them as being more important than they are, or any combination of the three.

And since Storie has also referred to Kevin "The Poodle" Johnston, it is interesting that the III% militia in Alberta has a take on his recent libel loss:

Yes, being held accountable for lying and defaming the character of a Muslim is unacceptable apparently because he's a Muslim; the Threepers seem to think that freedom of expression doesn't have any limits especially if the target is a person from a religion, culture, and/or ethnicity they hate.

If, on the other hand, one tells the truth about the III% militia, well....

I still absolutely LOVE the, "I have rights some of which are not listed nor protected yet and I will take legal action to protect them" part! I laugh every single time I read it!

I've a feeling that, like Steven Myatt's proposed lawsuit against the Liberal government, the money being raised here won't actually end up going to sue us, Vice, or any other media outlet.

I do find it funny in a way though that they will threaten to sue people for telling the truth about them while they continue to lie about others as well as to continue promoting actual false news. In this case, a member posts a link to a story by Hal Turner, a neo-Nazi who spent time in federal prison:

And as we are now in forest fire season, they have to blame someone for that as well:

Right. Couldn't be a lightning strike. It couldn't be some guy driving an ATV offroad through dry brush. It couldn't have started as a result of a camp fire not put out properly. It certainly can't be exasperated by climate change.

No, the only reasonable explanation is that leftist jihadists traveled to a remote part of northern Alberta and set the fire with the help of chem trails and HAARP. I'm half surprised they didn't invoke the Rand Corp and reverse vampires.

Still in Alberta, our friends with Yellow Vests Canada Exposed are running with a story on Twitter regarding Tom Quigglan who is promoted by the far-right as an "expert on Jihadism" but is really an Islamophobic crank who sees Jihadists under his bed:

In the meantime, Yellow Vests Canada Marc "Tyler" Malenfant continues to lie in order to stoke rage and potential violence:

Some members of the Yellow Vest movement seem to have taken messages such as Malenfant's to heart:

Getting back to Alberta one more time, we see that one rather violent far-right antisemite ARC has covered is making some worrisome comments on social media which warrant attention:

And in Edmonton, Ryan Dean is Ryan Deaning again:

But because both Dean and Silzer are toxic dumpster fires, you know that they would find a way to fight each other as well:

Some people just like to watch the world burn.

I like to watch Ryan Dean burn bridges.

It is the simple pleasures in life that get us through the day.

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