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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Yellow Jackets Canada Facebook Group Founder/Administrator Marc "Tyler" Malenfant: A Lying Liar Who Lies

I don't know why I continue to be both surprised and amused by Marc "Tyler" Malenfant's repeted claims that the racist and antisemitic posts he made to two news article back in 2015 are fake. For example when the "StarMetro Edmonton" confronted him, this happened:
The Yellow Vests Canada Facebook page lists a “Tyler Malenfant” as its administrator. The same Facebook profile was used to post comments on an Al Jazeera news article about a Jewish conspiracy to “destroy” Christianity and replace North America’s white majority through a concerted effort of mass migration. 
When asked about his comments on the news article, the user of the profile deleted the comments and denied they ever existed. The user said the screenshots StarMetro took were fake.
This claim that the screenshots were "fake" or "fraudulent" were also made to CANADALAND which published an article this past Monday:
Malenfant has a history of racist, anti-Semitic, and bigoted comments online, as painstakingly documented by Anti-Racist Canada, a long-running project tracking the country’s far right. 
Asked by CANADALAND about these statements, Malenfant claims that Anti-Racist Canada’s screenshots are “fake” and “a fabrication”; he previously said the same thing to StarMetro Edmonton about screenshots they themselves took.
Of course as CANADALAND noted, ARC had documented all of this three years prior to the existance of the Yellow Vests movement, the reactionary Canadian co-opting of the movement, and Malenfant's involvement in said co-opted movement. In other words, I had to know three years in advance that Marc "Tyler" Malenfant would be a player in a future far-right protest movement and preemptively fake screenshots to discredit him in the future. Not only me, but one other blogger as well.

I mean, I'm good, but I'm not fucking Nostradamus.

Malenfant, just off a forced Facebook vacation, posted the following missive denouncing the claims made against him:

While I can't say anything about this....

.... I sure as hell have more to say about this:

Yeah.... let's explore that, shall we?

Now Malenfant has deleted all of the screen shots from the Al-Jazeera article (and it looks like "Vice" removed all of the comments) though one can still see replies to Malenfant. That said I did take screen shots of all of them which can be found in the article from 2015. This one was among them:

Dmitri Balitsky was also a subject in that 2015 article. Based on Malenfant's invitation to participate in the discussion it is clear that he had a friendly relationship with Balitsky as well which we will be exploring. In the meantime it might be instructive to reacquaint readers with Balitsky.

First, he was friendly with Southern Ontario Skineheads' leader Max Hynes. He was also a member of Iron March though not especially active:

Balitsky also started his own group which appeared to consist mainly on Facebook and the Russian Facebook clone VK known as the Fatherland Front or Regnum Arya:

The Fatherland Front page on Facebook is long since gone, however Regnum Arya on VK is still up where he posted gems such as these:

Guess who one of the members of Regnum Arya was?

Malenfant has a VK account under his real first name:

In addition to being VK friends with Balitsky, Malnefant was also VK friends with other overt racists and antisemites including Kevin Goudreau:

Quite a group of friends, eh?

Malenfant's and Balitsky's relationship also extended to Facebook and went back to at least 2015. I'll start with a few of the exchanges that occurred on Balitsky's profile:

There are also posts found on Malenfant's page, some of which are profoundly misogynistic:

It's sort of a bit of a theme on Malenfant's page:

Perhaps the most damning though given the theme of the day is Malenfant's apparent defence of Nazi Germany:

Also, given his claim that ARC has lied about his antisemitic and racist posts, it might be hard to reconcile that claim when these are also found on his Facebook page and which mimic the language he used on the two news articles he left comments on:

There's also his penchant for believing in conspiracy theories that continues to this day:

I don't doubt that Malenfant will now scurry to delete these posts and to deep six his VK page. It will be a futile as the Internet really never forgets and the Internet Archives have already been employed to save much of it. I do have two final comments on this issue:

  1. Calling me a liar is very ill advised, especially when the accuser is a transparently bad liar.
  2. Malenfant needs to follow his own dictum:

1 comment:

Anon said...

Tyler is an idiot, who seems to believe that if he lies about something (even if there is indisputable proof that he's lying) his word is all that's needed to make his lies the truth. I think he's actually at the level of stupidity that allows him to assume everyone else has a similar IQ level as he does, and that we will therefore be too stupid to realize he's lying.

I also still wonder if Tyler is the moron who did email me using the aliases TylerBerry999 and Marc Mata. Considering that both emails were recieved about the same time , and the Mata emailer was also emailing thru the New York craigslist board as well as the Vancouver board, it seems likely it could be him.

I suppose that may sound far-fetched, but I know for a fact that these alt-right guys were using craigslist to "shit post" since about 2010, and Rants N Raves in Vancouver was closed due to this.

If I could prove Mata is really Malenfant it could be some good evidence, and the RCMP might finally take me seriously that these alt-right morons are definitely participating in illegal activities that include conspiracy to harass people who speak out against them.