Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Quixotic Quest of Don Myatt's Class Action Lawsuit Effort

Looks like the hamster in Steven Alexander Sisyphus Jude "Bonnie Prince Charlie" Gregory Myatt's cranium has been running and gone a popped an idea into head:

But I really am getting ahead of myself.

Since October 19, 2015, many of those who are associated with the Islamophobia and/or racist movements in Canada have been apoplectic about the victory of the federal Liberal Party, directing their rage particularly at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The rage has continued to be stoked by such "media" sites as Ezra Levant's "The Rebel Media", a litany of false (or grossly and willfully misinterpreted) news stories that have been disseminated through social media, and the dog-whistle politics of the then governing Conservative Party which continued through the leadership campaign of Kellie Leitch and I would argue under the current Conservative leadership of Andrew Scheer:

Within days of the Liberal's victory, many of the individuals motivated by these efforts were creating petitions to demand the Governor-General call the election null and void, remove Trudeau from office, and replace him and the Liberals with Stephen Harper's Conservative Party. When these efforts proved impotent (because.... you know.... democracy), many started lashing with more violent rhetoric advocating for the deportation of Trudeau and his family to a Muslim country based on the erroneous belief that he is a Muslim and thus not qualified constitutionally to be Prime Minister (I don't have to tell ARC's readers that this isn't actually a law), wishing for his wife and children to be sexually assaulted, and even political assassination some of which has been written about on this blog.

A more recent tactic is the desire of these especially malcontents to see if they might be able to convince the American government to invade the country and either annex all or part of Canada or at least remove the Liberals from power and replacing them with a puppet government:

The irony of all this of course is that they folks all present themselves as God-fearing patriots....

....while accusing the democratically elected government of being treasonous because the God-fearing patriot's side lost the election:

Our friend Georges Hallak has decided to take the whole "Trudeau and the Liberals are traitors" line and combine it with the "Trudeau should be killed" rhetoric:

A fair trial BEFORE they execute him, eh?

Well that's mighty white of them.

All didn't (and still usually doesn't) amount to more than just a lot of histrionics on the part of the anti-government, Islamophobic, often racist, political assassination advocating, pro-Trump/American annexation, "patriot" crowd.

But then that hamster I referred to at the start of the article started running on the wheel in Myatt's head.

Aside from the screen shots at the start of this post, the first indication that Myatt had an idea was previewed on a video posted by Ronny Cameron in which they spoke about ARC (in reference to Myatt's threatened lawsuit against the blog) and Myatt offering really, REALLY, bad legal advice:

I know ARC's detractors who loves them their Myatt will ignore this warning, but the legal advice Myatt is providing is not at all correct.

In any case, Myatt kindly provided a slightly more detailed preview of what he seems to believe is one of the slam dunk legal charges with which he plans on going after the government:

Later, Steven Alexander Matlock Mason Chiles McBeal Gregory Myatt suggested that he would be go live to explain his legal rationale which I could only gather was initially found scrawled on the wall of an Ottawa public toilet:

Such a video was not produced, though he did post further explanations on November 22; suffice it to say his followers are very enthusiastic, though there are those that are a bit skeptical:

Soon Myatt had his girlfriend in on the effort:

You know, there's a part of me that thinks that Myatt is doing all of this just because he enjoys being Facebook famous.

Not sure why that would occur to me?:

He does claim to be moving full steam ahead though:

He's gotten his buddies Georges Massaad and the Northern Guard in on the work too:

Of course the most important part of the lawsuit effort is what to name the website. The responses are especially telling:

Is this funny? Hells yes it is funny! No legitimate constitutional lawyer would touch this with a 10' pole and any who would likely knows the case would have no merit and thrown out before it was even heard.... but they get paid regardless, though there is talk about finding a lawyer who would do the work pro bono; the "fame" of taking on the federal government should be enough.

But it also goes to show how incredibly out of touch with reality these people are. And as they become more frustrated by their inability to bend reality to their will, they become more angry and more irrational.

The potential consequences of that are far less funny.

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Iraj said...

Yikes! I haven't seen such delusion since my late husband developed schizophrenia and thought he was the King of the Universe. As with my husband, when their delusion runs up hard against the brick wall of reality, violence will ensue. Their response to those who started questioning the details and methodology of their plans (stop being "negative"!) gives a clue as to the level of denial of reality. I remember the same thing from my husband.

It's worth noting that these idiots have been prattling about "impeaching" and "suing" and "arresting" Trudeau for "treason" for over a year, before Mr Snafu Bumblebee Superglue Myatt appeared on the scene. It started when M103 was announced, which they immediately conflated into a "Sharia law". Their ignorance about the law and Canadian Constitution and politics is breathtaking, but then again they can't spell simple words either.

What they don't realize is that if their "treason" posts and "sentence" ideas for the Prime Minister were forwarded to the appropriate authorities and taken seriously, it wouldn't be Trudeau in the klink for treason. In fact, taking these people's actions seriously is long overdue by authorities. Instead, the Official Opposition Conservatives are being led by a guy whose staff appears to be in bed with these bigots, a fact which should cause deep concern - but the mainstream media covers up the story.

I can't help laughing at the thought of the world's first Ass Action lawsuit hitting the news media. That's ASSuming they could find an ambulance chaser willing to take their case. Perhaps they should try Diamond & Diamond in Toronto, they've got a pretty "stellar" reputation! They're personal injury lawyers, which will fit right in with the butthurt mentality amongst these "patriots". How many millions are a few hundred anal fissures worth?