Thursday, December 21, 2017

Southern Ontario Skins: A Cast of Stooges Part XII

It's been a while since ARC has published a story about our favorite, bumbling, bonehead, basket-cases (I was going for some alliteration for humorous effect .... it sort of works if you're willing to be charitable). The reason for this is mostly because there hasn't been all that much to say. Of those who were active members or associates of the London, Ontario-based hate group, Max Hynes appears to be the only one active aside from Dan Hall and Toronto Creativity Movement leader Wes Smith both of whom generally confine their racism to social media these days. Hynes for example is one of the moderators of Kevin "No-Show" Goudreau's White Canadian Nationalist Front:

And my goodness how sad is it that Hynes is willing to subordinate himself to.... well....

In any case it seems that most of the membership has either been kicked out or left of their own volition because hanging out with a roided out (allegedly) rage freak with the intellectual capacity of a doughnut whole wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Still the original cast of stooges, from Dan Hall and Adrian Graves to Luke Northmore and Brodie Walsh were all entertaining in their own way.

ARC's favorite SOS bonehead though was, and always will be, Jeremy Crawford:

ARC's long time readers could hardly forget Crawford. In May 2014, Crawford contacted ARC with the hopes of joining the Southern Ontario Skins because (a) he missed the "Anti" part of "Anti-Racist Canada" and (b) he's an idiot. He was sent a message but didn't reply so we thought that he had managed to realize he had made a mistake in contacting us.

However, on July 1 he finally replied resulting in the most entertaining and enlightening month-long email exchange this writer had ever been a part of.

For those unfamiliar or those who enjoyed it the first time, feel free to reacquaint yourselves with that article. I'll happily wait. Here is is again.
Okay, are we ready to continue?

In that exchange we learned that Crawford considered his extensive criminal record and prison history to be the sort of curriculum vitae that Hynes and the SOS would be impressed by. And sure enough there was ample examples online including the following:

Not long after Crawford FINALLY clued in, he did meet up with Hynes and the gang and received that t-shirt he was desperate to get his hands on:

After that and aside from a few rather brief mentions as a result of his social media activities, we sort of forgot about Crawford and as the SOS began to decline into relative obscurity, ARC stopped paying much attention to the gang entirely.

Then, last night, I suddenly wondered what Jeremy Crawford had been up to in the years since we last heard about him last? I mean, it was a completely out of the blue thought that popped into my head whereas I was contemplating whether or not to have a grilled cheese sandwich.

So I fired up the ol' interweb machine and did a quick search of his name:

Crawford: Uploaded to Facebook on September 22, 2017
I'm sure this will totally not come as a surprise:
Sarnia man stole phone and assaulted stranger 
By Neil Bowen, Sarnia Observer
Tuesday, November 22, 2016 10:41:01 EST AM
A Sarnia man's lengthy criminal record for violence contributed to a nearly nine-month sentence for assault and theft. 
Jeremy Daniel Crawford, 35, pleaded guilty Monday in Sarnia court to the theft of a man's cell phone and the assault of another man when he threatened to use a hammer.
Sigh.... why is it always the pretty ones that are so dumb?
On Sept. 11, at approximately 3:30 a.m., Crawford approached a man talking on a cell phone and demanded the phone.
Feeling threatened, the man surrendered the phone and Crawford left the scene.
The confrontation continued until Crawford pulled a hammer from his pants and told the assault victim to stay back or else.
My favorite part is the last sentence though:
As Crawford was being led from the prisoner's box he banged his head on a post twice and struggled with court security officers.
I would like to believe he banged his head twice because he accidentally walked into the post because that image brings a smile to my face.
It won't happen again, said Crawford in describing the negative impact of combining the addiction treatment drug and alcohol.
Well that is certainly a relief! It's good to know that in November 2016 during sentencing Jeremy Crawford promised not to attack people with hammers and steal their cell phones again.

Except that almost a year later, Crawford was AGAIN sentenced for attacking someone with a hammer and stealing a cell phone in a completely different attack. He was sentenced earlier this month:
Sarnia man invades home and steals cellphone 
By Neil Bowen, Sarnia Observer
Tuesday, December 12, 2017 5:28:21 EST PM 
A judge told a robber there's no open season on drug dealers as the man explained he wouldn't invade an innocent person's home. 
Jeremy Crawford, 36, of Sarnia pleaded guilty in Sarnia Superior Court to the June 20 home invasion and was sentenced to two years in prison in addition to the equivalent of 209 days he had served in pre-sentence custody. 
Crawford was one of three people who entered a man's home looking for marijuana. The victim was hit with a hammer before the invaders left with a video-game console and a cellphone.
Maybe Jeremy isn't aware of some of the great deals that Koodo is offering?
“He was a drug dealer . . . I would never do that to an innocent person,” said Crawford. 
“There's not an open second on drug dealers,” said Superior Court Justice Kirk Munroe who also reminded Crawford that some dealers arm themselves.
But don't worry. Crawford again says he's never, ever, ever, going to do that again and he really means it this time!

Crawford: Uploaded to Facebook on September 24, 2017

Awww, did the SOS take his shirt from him?


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Bathroom shot with his stolen cellphone lol

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More SOS ratting does it ever end?