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Sunday, December 17, 2017

The III%ers Were Nestled All Snug In Their Beds, While Visions Of Murder And Genocide Danced In Their Heads

Every once in a while I check on the III% militia pages to see what they are up to. The Alberta Threepers are consistently the most active which, when one looks at their Facebook page, really is an ignominious distinction:

ARC has recently been covering the Alberta III% militia's efforts to get into the addictions recovery business (see here and here). On December 13, the president of the Alberta Threeper chapter provided an update on that effort:

Now ARC's readers will forgive me for being somewhat dubious about this endeavor on the face of it given claims concerning Ron "Beau" Welling's business acumen. However as I've stated in previous articles should this effort actually result in an armed militia who may also be regarded as a hate group getting into the addictions recover business, I can't imagine that they will view all Canadians equally worthy of support.

I mean, given comments about the recent by-elections in which the Liberals won 3 of 4 contests (including one seat previously occupied by conservative MPs for decades) as being the result of Muslims, immigrants, and "not real Canadians" one has to question their commitment to helping all Canadians struggling with addiction including the ones that are not "old stock":

Yeah, calling for a civil war and the military to overthrow the government because you don't like the results of an election don't help your case either.

Then there was that time on Tuesday where they posted a story about a Muslim murdered on video and uploaded to the Internet. The Threepers commenting offered their congratulations to the suspect:


But there is of course more:

In celebrating the holiday season, one Threeper had a very special wish for jolly Saint Nick:

Yeah, nothing says, "Merry Christmas" while asking Santa for an act of genocide.

Finally, we've learned that while the Threepers like the police....

.... they only really like the police that look like they do:

So.... yeah. ARC's readers will forgive me if I suspect the motives of the III% militia when they claim to be establishing an addictions recovery program for Canadians in need since their view of who is and who is not a Canadian appears to be very narrow in scope..

You're doing a bang up job there Beau.

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