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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Storm Alliance Still Insist False News Is True and Retraction Is False As Well As Connection to Online Threats

It has been more than a week since TVA in Quebec retracted their story claiming two Montreal mosques had demanded women be barred from working in the area on Fridays. The story has been been proven false but that hasn't stopped some individuals and groups such as the Storm Alliance from continuing to perpetuate the falsehood claiming that the retraction was the result of pressure from the Liberal governments of Quebec and Ottawa:

Not only has Storm Alliance president David Tregget continued to insist that the retracted story is in fact true, but he and folks connected to the Storm Alliance now appear to have escalated their efforts by engaging in a campaign of harassment:

This information comes on a day that Quebec police have arrested a man for making online threats directed towards the Muslim-Canadian community within Quebec:
Quebec City police arrest suspect in connection with online threats against Muslims 
The RCMP tipped off Quebec City police about the commentsCBC News Posted: Dec 23, 2017 12:36 PM ET Last Updated: Dec 23, 2017 2:14 PM ET 
A man has been arrested by Quebec City police for allegedly making hateful comments about Muslims online. 
Nicolas Thériault, 46, was arrested Friday and appeared in court Saturday to face charges of inciting hate and uttering threats. 
Quebec City police (SPVQ) said they were informed about the comments, which appeared on a social media site, by the RCMP. 
"In that message, there were incitements of hatred against the Muslim community," SPVQ spokesperson Mélissa Cliche told CBC News.
Thériault was released on $500 bail and under numerous conditions, including staying more than 500 metres away from all Quebec mosques and not being allowed to own weapons or use a computer.
Jan. 29 will mark the first anniversary of the deadly mosque shooting in Quebec City which killed six people and wounded 19.
Le Troupeau noted the following connection to Tregget:

And it seems that this example of incitement is only the tip of a really ugly iceberg:

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