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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Boswick's and Storie's Tête a Têtes With Max Bernier and Paul Fromm

Because I've decided, at least for the next few weeks or perhaps months, to limit the amount of research and writing I've been doing (trying to create a bit of a balance between real world work, anti-racist activism, and a social life) there will be a few articles that are a bit dated but which are still of relevance.

Such as this article.

Over the past number of months we've been paying a bit more attention to unemployed drifters Rick Boswick and Derek Storie who instead of doing something productive with their time instead pretend to be journalists. Of course as we've seen their understanding of journalism means accepting every crack pot conspiracy theory they read, posting drunken rants on Facebook, and threatening actual journalists:

I feel that I need to stress that Boswick and Storie published this video exactly as it has been posted. I have not edited it at all. They think this video makes them appear good.

They've also taken on the cause of a mentally ill man arrested when he arrived an an event featuring the Prime Minister with plans on making a citizens arrest and having threatened to harm Trudeau online:

Now Boswick and Storie have interviewed the usual miscreants associated with the fringe right in the country including Faith Goldy (who is currently trending because of some accusations concerning just how Faith-full she has been) and Kevin "the Poodle" Johnston lately paying special attention to his recent legal problems:

However, they did recently get an interview on May 3 with someone who at one time had some mainstream credibility:


It is hard to believe that this guy came within a hair width of becoming the leader of the Official Opposition in Parliament. Bernier later left the Conservative Party of Canada to found and lead a new right-wing populist party and which has quite a following among the people this blog keeps an eye on.

And why not? After all he is speaking their histrionic and conspiratorial language:

He's even using as sources some of the same alt-right adjacent online "news" sources:

Currently the PPC is polling in the 1% - 3% range so Max needs all the help he can get and if that help comes in the form of two Yellow Vest-supporting conspiracy promoters, all the better:

I get a kick out of Storie chiming in at 1:55 about Bernier "helping the homeless" (the "real Canadian" no doubt" and Bernier's claim that lowering taxes is a cure all despite that never having worked in any country, province, or state that it has occurred.

I mean, does he think that Bernier gives a single shit about the homeless?

But Bernier isn't the only "get" for Boswick and Storie:

Because of course they would eventually find their way to Paulie!

Boswick and Storie, who refer to Paul Fromm as a "truth teller", with complete credulity provide Paulie with a forum to promote James Sears of the antisemitic, racist, and misogynistic rag "Your Ward News and the reactionary Yellow Vests movement:

Other parts of the video have Paulie giving his full-throated support for white nationalism and online radicalization while justifying the existence of virulently hateful propaganda:

I sort of think though the culmination of this line of reasoning can be found in the part where they complain about "censorship" on social media, invoke the name of Donald Trump who they hope will impose the will of the state on private businesses, and then threaten the people who own these business and the media with future repercussions.

Special cameo by yours truly:

Usually I try to end these article with something snarky, but given how pathetic these people continue to show themselves to be, I feel that it would be sort of like kicking a puppy.... even if that puppy is a bigoted jerk.

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