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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Southern Ontario Skins: A Cast of Stooges Part III (Trouble in Paradise)

The bromance between Southern Ontario "Skinhead" founder Max Hynes and his newest member Brodie "Bee Fresh" Walsh has continued through it's honeymoon period this week. Here they are wearing matching hats:

Our guess on the next SOS product placement? Beer koozies. Still, it can't be a bonehead photo without at least one person being shirtless, in this case a decidedly doughy Walsh. Really, we're surprised to see Hynes in a tank top as we had grown to suspect that he might have sensitive nipples considering the number of shirtless selfies he takes. He's back to form in the next photo though:

Max, you do understand that you don't have to feel the need to flex in every photo of yourself? It seems you're trying a little too hard.

And, uhm.... you boys know those are walking sticks right? Hard to be menacing when you look like you're into cosplay from "The Hobbit":

And this one is for you Brodie:

But not all is well in SOSville. Our previous article wasn't very well received as evidenced by the well considered, and totally not functionally illiterate, response by Mr. Brodie Walsh:

Sometimes there's nothing to be added to poetry such as this. We will not distract from it's greatness. We suggest our readers simply soak it all in and when their children ask them where they were when Brodie Walsh gifted the world with his prose, they can answer May 29, 2014.

Other members of the SOS also decided to comment on the article detailing some of the less than legal activities of their membership:


Gee, perhaps Max is a fan of Tolkien?

Sure you could Max, but it wouldn't be anywhere near as funny.

Now everything was going as one would expect in the exchange between Hynes and Gooding -- calling us commies, suggesting we are marginally employed, accusing us of the horrible crime of being nerds -- but then things took a turn down Creepy Avenue when Dan Hall responds to a woman who, along with her brother Justin, had links to the Western European Bloodlines in Calgary:

Even Hynes and Gooding thought this was a little weird and wrote as such, at which point.... well.... why spoil the surprise?

Does Hynes seem a little sensitive? He seems a little sensitive to us.

Hey, Max, maybe this will help?


Anonymous said...

Is it me or do the pictures make them look like theyŕe just goofing around in their parents' living room? Pure lulz.

Anonymous said...

@ James Bull

I was thinking the same thing. White Power whiggers have no use for a antique China cabinet and hopefully they staighten up that picture before whoever parents own the house come home from work.

These S.O.S scrubs make WEB look like gods among the Muppet babies.

Anonymous said...

Irrelevant post, is this Willis in the video?

max hynes said...

Of course we know they are walking staffs, for a collective people who give credit to their own sense of humour you clearly fail to see we were kidding around. God find another hobby this getting ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

wow max seems a little defensive....

Anonymous said...

Is there any site that digs into nsbm scene? Sick of seeing nazi wannabes at metal concerts.

Anonymous said...

SOS is like the Rob Ford of skinheads, doesn't know when to quit and keeps making idiotic pictures and quotes visible for the world to see... You think they'd learn by now to change their privacy settings. But I gotta say, if it weren't for them, this site would be shit, it's pretty much all you guys have.

Anonymous said...

well at least Max stopped doing steroids, he looks tiny now. cute little midget.

Anonymous said...

Max needs to stop rating out and go sniff another line and inject some more midget roids.

Anonymous said...

Buhahahahahahahaha what a bunch of clowns!!!

Who would have thought we could find this kind of entertainment without the involvement of the Goudreau?!

Is there something in the air in Ontario?

Anonymous said...

I think you should take your own advice, Max.