Thursday, August 03, 2017

III% Saskatchewan, the Embarrassing Cousin

Still on vacation, though probably becoming antsy to be returning home. "Let's go to Turk and Caicos!" my sister said. "It'll be fun!" she said.

I hate beaches! They're boring after the first half hour and as I don't swim in the ocean due to an "eaten by shark" phobia I've probably read all of my cheap paperbacks by this point. Of course as I'm writing this in early July, so perhaps it won't be as bad as I think it will be. Aren't vacations supposed to diminish stress?

Anyways, since I wrote about the Alberta III% militia, I decided to look at the Saskatchewan III% militia which is, to put it mildly, less organized than their prairie counterpart to the west. I've actually been sitting on these screen shots since December 2016 but couldn't think of a place to use them so while a bit dated, they do reflect the current state of the Saskatchewan chapter fairly well.

The site was at one time run by two people, Rob Tinant and "Bonnie Knoxville" though her actual name is Lori (more on that later):

The Facebook group contains the usual anti-Muslim and anti-government trip with the added bonus of overt white nationalist and misogynistic posts:

In general though, it wasn't exactly a group that warranted a great deal of attention which is why ARC hadn't posted the collapse of the Facebook leadership. However since I have all of the screen shots saved, why not share them as an example of how prone to infighting groups such as this are and how even the more organized Alberta III% chapter is likely to fall into decline as a result of infighting as well?

Without any further commentary. Just enjoy the chaos:

Yep, they seem pretty solid alright.

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Anonymous said...

When I saw the title the embarrassing cousin, never did I think it would actually involve my embarrassing cousin!