Sunday, August 20, 2017

Anti-Fascists Confront La Meute in Quebec City.

In one of the opening scenes of the Charlottesville Vice documentary, one individual stated that he had driven 12 hours from Canada to attend the event:

Well activists were able to track down information about him and one other Canadian participating in the hate rally. At least one of the men is was a member of the Quebec hate group La Meute:
“Twelve hours from our car -- we've been driving from north of the border,” one of the men says in the VICE News documentary, speaking in accented English. “In Canada, hurting people's feelings is basically illegal.” 
According to the anti-racist group, one of those men is a known member of La Meute, a far-right Quebec-based anti-Islam group. 
In an interview with CTV Montreal, however, La Meute spokesperson Sylvain Brouillette said the outed individual claims that he is not a white supremacist but nevertheless voluntarily withdrew his membership Tuesday night so as not to implicate La Meute with his personal actions. 
La Meute, which has hosted demonstrations against radical Islam and illegal immigration, mostly operates as a private Facebook group -- a necessity, Brouillette said, as members fear losing their jobs if they were to be outed. The group, he said, will still go ahead with a planned demonstration in Quebec City on Sunday.
La Meute was at the time planning for their own march/rally in Quebec city to be held today. Reports are that La Meute are wildly outnumbered by anti-fascists and were, at least as of the writing of this article, holed up in a parking garage. Nora Loreto‏ is currently reporting on what is going on:
So, yeah, doesn't appear to be going so well for Le Meute.

And they had to pee apparently:
Update 3:

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