Tuesday, August 29, 2017

WCAI Not Really Enjoying Spotlight As Much As They Thought They Would

Well, it hasn't been a great time to be a member (one of the few) of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam. First they were humiliated in Vancouver resulting in Joey DeLuca and Jesse Wielengablaming others for the failure:

And this past weekend they and the North American Freedom Fighters (formerly the equally laughably names Canadian Combat Coalition) were outnumbered by a factor of close to four to one by the good people of Calgary as evidenced by the videos taken by participants in counter-protest including this one:

But because they are gluttons for punishment, the WCAI, Guardians of Alberta (which had merged with the CCC which then became the NAFF), and the rest of the gang have decided to organize another event in Calgary for September 3:

Now these people do like being the center of attention.... on their terms. But they certainly haven't enjoyed the attention they have been receiving in the press and it is resulting in some internal struggles because keeping track of lies can be really hard.

Let's take Jesse Wielenga as a case in point:

Jesse is currently planning a rally in Winnipeg but has been called out not only by ARC and other anti-fascist and anti-racist activists, but by the msm:
'I'm fighting for Canadian culture' Brandonite defends ‘anti-Islam’ group
In a combative phone interview with The Brandon Sun on Saturday, Jesse Wielenga, a 30-year-old father of two who works as a pipefitter in Alberta and has a residence in Brandon, snapped back at the suggestion the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam Canada is a hate group. 
He insists he is not a white supremacist despite posting a slogan on Facebook with white-supremacist origins. He also refuses to call himself a racist in spite of racist comments he posted and endorsed on social media.
This month, Wielenga wrote the coded term "14 WORDS" in response to a Facebook comment. He also clicked the "Like" button on the comments "1488" and "hail victory," references to neo-Nazi attitudes. 
The messages are recognized as coded terms used by white supremacists and neo-Nazis, which may shield the statement from being perceived as overtly racist.
I will remind our readers of the kind of posts Jesse has made to both Facebook and Twitter which the "Brandon Sun" is referring too for context:

So despite Jesse's claims, I think we all have to call bullshit.

Even his mother isn't impressed:
Jesse’s mother, who The Brandon Sun has chosen not to name, disavowed her son’s comments when reached by the newspaper by phone. 
"I don’t have the same views. He keeps telling me it’s not a racist group, well," she said in a brief interview. 
Later, she called back the newspaper to clarify her previous statements. Although she does not agree with her son’s point of view, she does not believe Jesse is a racist, white supremacist or neo-Nazi.
"I don’t agree with what he thinks. But if he’s anywhere near the white supremacists or anything, I wouldn’t be very happy and he knows that." 
She gave The Brandon Sun consent to publish her comments.
In light of this, it is perhaps unsurprising that Jesse is feeling a little bit less bombastic:

It should be noted that even after all of this, Jesse Wielenga remains the vp of the WCAI and a member in good standing despite past claims from Joey like this:

Joey has thrown a few members under the bus however.... sort of.

A few days ago I asked Jesse about the following claim by Joey:

Jesse responded thusly:

Jesse mentioned these two in his video, but Jeremy Phillips and Chadd Beneteau are the two men who Joey claims to have kicked out of the WCAI. Phillips was the first to bare the brunt of Joey's wrath based on primarily on the following post:

"Was brought to our attention"???

He posted it to your Facebook group.

In any case, there were those who questioned Joey's honesty:

And who could blame them when Joey posts things like this only a few days ago:

And if Phillips' pro-genocide post was embarrassing, why did Jesse decide to proudly retweet it?

Now while Phillips has yet to respond, Beneteau has posted a message concerning his departure from the WCAI:

Now, there's nothing specific mentioned about what "international protocol and policy" that Beneteau is in violation of. He usually posts crap like this which Joey and Jesse are really fond of:

But with all that said and done, have Joey, Jesse, and the WCAI really cut ties with their scapegoats?

Well, both are still members of the secret Facebook group:

And remember how Jesse said they wouldn't be participating in the September 3 event in Calgary? Well, funny story....


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