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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Arrest Made In MLK. Jr Day Terrorist Act; Canadian Link

Well, sort of a Canadian link. It's more than a bit tenuous, but we need a bit of a break from the usual boneheads we cover.

As some of our readers may be aware, Congressmen Peter King began his McCarthyite hearings on the "radicalization" of American Muslims. Word is that during the hearings when mention was made of neo-Nazi terrorism, Mr. King responded that there hadn't been a terrorist act committed by a neo-Nazi in years. Evidently he was unaware of the arrest made the day before of Kevin Harpham, former member of the National Alliance and prolific poster on the VNN forums (as discovered by TPM) under the name, "Joe Snuffy." Harpham is accused of planting a rat poison laced explosive device along the path of a Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade route. And not a fake one designed to intimidate. This was the real deal.

But we suppose this type of terrorism isn't of concern to Mr. King, just as the IRA (whom King actively supported in the 1980s and 1990s) aren't a concern either.

Anyways, regarding Harpham, we were asked if there were any links between him and our boneheads up here. We were able to find one in that he recently offered a place to stay to Craig Cobb who currently has a warrant for his arrest in Canada:

Sort of weak, but interesting nevertheless.

We'll continue to look into this to determine if there are actually any significant links that exist. If our readers have anything to share, we look forward to what you have.

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