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Monday, March 14, 2011

Tremaine Going to Trial

Man. Body blow after body blow this week.

Neo-Nazi Terry Tremaine (pictured in the picture -- taken August 22, 2010 -- to the right of Paul Fromm) is scheduled to go on trial on hate crimes charges:

Former U of S lecturer Terrence Tremaine to stand trial on promoting hatred charge

Leader-Post staff
March 14, 2011
REGINA — A former university lecturer will stand trial on a charge of promoting hatred.

Terrence Cecil Tremaine, who previously lectured at the University of Saskatchewan, learned Friday that the case would go to trial after Regina Provincial Court Judge Bruce Henning determined the Crown had offered enough evidence during a preliminary hearing that a trial was warranted.

The matter will first go to a pre-trial before going to trial at the Court of Queen's Bench. Dates have not been set for either proceeding.

Tremaine previously elected to be tried by a Court of Queen's Bench judge and jury.

Tremaine will remain out of custody until the trial under a number of conditions.

The hearing originally began in October 2009, but it's been adjourned from time to time for continuation. A decision was not rendered until Friday.

Details of the preliminary hearing cannot be reported because of a court-imposed publication ban.
Tremaine is being represented by B.C.-based lawyer Doug Christie who in the past has criticized anti-hate legislation, calling the laws "a massive waste of police resources" and saying that the state should not decide what people say.

Christie previously represented the late First Nations leader David Ahenakew when he faced a trial for promoting hatred — a charge which was eventually thrown out.

Tremaine attended the March 21 event in 2009.

Should it be made a part of his conditions for remaining free until the trial, strike another one off the list of this year's attendees perhaps (assuming he planned on attending)?

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