Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bernie Miller Tries to Shut Down ARC Blog

First, thanks to John Marleau. Without you leaving the comment, we wouldn't have been able to read Bernie's status update.

Looks like Bernie Miller (who goes by the pseudonym "14aryan88" online) is a bit troubled by being outed:

Let's take down the ARC blog!

Here's the link to report them [provides link], pick the report as "Posting personal information" and fill out the short form and send it in to Google! I am sending about 10 reports a day and I have a few others sending around the same!

Miller then goes on to provide a website to complain to Blogger about us.

Marleau later comments, "I just filled it out" which allowed us to read the update.

Gee. We thought you guys believed in freedom of speech.

Poor Bernie here doesn't realize that he's engaged in an exercise in futility. If he were to read the requirements for a complaint, he might find the following:

Blogger takes the disclosure of confidential information very seriously; however, please note that the mention of your full name or any other publicly available information is permitted on Blogger and does not constitute a disclosure of confidential information.

Here is what DOES constitute disclosure of confidential information:
  • Credit card number
  • Social security number / social insurance number
  • Complete address
  • Unlisted phone number
Now, we would like to invite Bernie to find any of these on the blog.

Don't worry. We'll wait for you.

Nothing? Yep, nothing.

Bernie, we don't suppose it has occurred to you that we know enough about Blogger rules that we know what we can and can not publish?

Anyways, let's say, for the sake of argument, your efforts are successful. First, it is unlikely that they would, "shut down ARC." In all likelihood, the offending material would be removed and the blog would happily continue plugging away. And if the unthinkable happens and the blog was shut down, we have saved all of the entries. We would just start up again on our own website. Even if we didn't start the blog again, we would still be working to provide information to our readers in more novel ways.

We've been at work for more than three years here Bernie, and we were at work long before we ever created the blog. Whatever you plan on doing isn't going to stop that.

But we did enjoy the laugh. Thanks for that.

UPDATE: Well Bernie certainly has been a busy beaver. He's taken his plea to the Blood & Honour forums as well now:

Bernie doesn't seem understand what defamatory means. We post exactly what they write in all it's hateful, vile glory. Perhaps they feel embarrassed when their views are made public, but they are being made in public on forums accessible by anyone. If we were lying, then it would be defamation, however that isn't happening here. And private? Again, everything that is posted here was accessible by the public, hence it is fair game.

We do find it deliciously ironic though that they are trying to get ARC removed (ain't going to happen) since they created a blog in response to ours, publishing the pictures and names of people they claim to be anti-fascists. In fact, the few people featured are guilty of maybe reading ARC. We are far more careful about who's details we publish. We would also suggest our detractors look up Redwatch. Seems a bit hypocritical that they are trying to have ARC removed when they have been publishing pictures of their, "enemies" for some time before we began this blog.

And we once again stress that we judicially follow the rules of Blogger.

A few of them haven't heard of us though, and that hurts:

Yep, there are. ;)

So let's see if we understand this. You are going to accomplish your goals by, "spamming" Google until they grow sick of you and remove this blog? Is that right?

Did you maybe consider the possibility that they will just start ignoring your emails?

Gee, you think?

Now Kate, do you think we would be so foolish as to register as Canadians? Please! Give us a little more credit than that!

Right. Keep telling yourself that Bernie.

So that's how you've spent your day, eh? Sort of sad.

We would suggest that even if your quixotic efforts prove successful and we lose our home here (can't see it happening though), it isn't difficult to start up elsewhere. In fact, it might give us the excuse to get our own domain.

But don't let all that stop you.


Anonymous said...

I personally think your blog content is very immature.

Anonymous said...

I just checked out the guys page and it is open. Why blow the cover of you being on Johns page?

Anonymous said...

well if they want to shut you down just export your blog to wordpress or to another blogger address.


Anonymous said...

you guys should get your own domain regardless. Set up along similar lines to OPP

sassy said...

Methinks that if Master Bernie Miller/Travis Watzenberg had a least as much emotional maturity as say, a fence post, he would admit that it is not ARC that he is angry at, but rather the fact that his words have come back to bite him.

Anonymous said... will gladly host your blog if you need space 100% free of charge.

just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

fix your spelling/grammar mistakes before you end up sounding like them.


Anonymous said...

Is there a Canadian Redwatch site?