Monday, March 14, 2011

To March Or Not to March?

First more on the bonehead arrest front. Most of our readers who are well versed in their knowledge of the Canadian WP movement will recognize the name Jordan Hamelin. Since he was a minor for much of the existence of this blog we haven't specifically mentioned him by name, however he has been a player of sorts for some time..... and our longtime readers know exactly what we are talking about so we'll leave it at that.

We received a report today claiming that Hamelin has been jailed due to parole violations. So far we haven't received a secondary source to verify the accuracy of this report, but the source that provided us the information has been pretty reliable so we thought we would go with it. Hamelin and other Hamilton-area boneheads had stated they planned on attending the March 19 WP rally in Calgary this coming Saturday, so we don't know if this has changed any of their plans.

Of course it begs the question, will there be a march at all? As John Marleau pointed out on Stormfront, the Aryan Guard/Blood & Honour/Combat 18/ATB/MENSA/Friar's Club has been left devoid of experienced organizers as a result of some recent arrests:

We would also add that the breakup of the racist gang that we reported on earlier and which is evident in the tone of Marleau's post hasn't helped matters either.

To this, someone using Kyle McKee's Stormfront account retorted:

The person posting is likely Natalie S. We know this because McKee is in jail and this post appears to be written by someone functionally literate (unlike some of our posts lately; we haven't been doing to proper editing as we churn out posts these last few weeks and it's starting to show, so we'll try to do a bit better from now on).

Damage control? Seems to be the case.

Marleau, in a fit of near reasonableness (for a bonehead, of course) replies:

The reality is that the Aryan Guard/Blood & Honour/Combat 18/ATB/AARP/NAMBLA/Square Dancing Club needs for this march to be successful by their standards. They are still hurting from the McKee IED trial and the failure of the march in 2010. Add to this the recent split in the group and you can see that if they can't pull this off, they might as well fold up shop because few will take them seriously enough to turn out to march when called on again. Problem is, there's no one to captain the ship right now, and that is a problem.

Let's assume for a moment the numbers they claim who will be attending are true. Without an organizer, the boneheads from out of town and country might just end up wandering aimlessly down town trying to find people to hook up with. We imagine there is a contingency plan. Perhaps Natalie S. is stepping up to run the show. Truth be told, she is far more intelligent and capable than McKee and could perhaps pull something off. But boneheads are pretty notorious when it comes to their misogyny. Will any of these people take direction from a woman?

As bad as a large group of boneheads might be, a large group of disorganized boneheads might be worse.

This assumes that they get the numbers they expect, and there is reason to be skeptical. Still, the organizers of the counter-rally will likely assume the worst and come out en mass.

Let's hope that 2011 is more like 2010 and less like 2009. We would like to have an uneventful weekend.


Anonymous said...

I would just like to say that I cant stop laughing at this post...thanks


Anonymous said...

Wasn't Natalie crying to you saying she left the scene this time, last arrrest? Only a matter of time before she rolls over on them all.

Anonymous said...

Jordan going to hide in a bus shelter again? Must be trying hard to get there numbers up if dimwits like him are showing up.

Anonymous said...

I think John is confusing the beer with a pile of cheeseburgers.