Wednesday, March 02, 2011

McKee Trial Rescheduled

We received a message confirming that McKee's trial (or perhaps hearing) has been pushed back to March 9. Apparently he has an outstanding warrant in Saskatchewan, perhaps related to the pipe bomb incident in November 2009. Speculation, but we don't think it an unreasonable guess on our part.

We'll keep our readers up to date with information as we receive it.


Anonymous said...

It would be impossible for it to be a trial so soon. More likely a bail hearing, or even just his plea on his charges.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing they would've had a bail hearing by now if his defense lawyer thought he had a chance at getting bail (he's had 2 opportunities to argue it now, and at least the first one was postponed because he asked for it).

I wouldn't be surprised if he's planning on pleading guilty just trying to work out a deal with crown (if I were the crown in this, I'd be putting off making a deal till after M21). This is, obviously, all speculation, though, there could be other stuff going on.