Sunday, February 27, 2011

Canadian Boneheads: International Edition

Well edition sounds a bit grandiose. More like one bonehead who managed to get himself into trouble by acting like a bonehead overseas:

Hitlergruß vor dem Reichstag - Festnahme!

Vor dem Reichstag in Berlin ist am Samstag ein Tourist aus Kanada festgenommen worden - weil er den Hitlergruß machte!

Gegen den 30-jährigen aus der Provinz Quebec wurden Ermittlungen wegen des Verwendens von Kennzeichen verfassungswidriger Symbole eingeleitet, teilte die Polizei mit
Zeugen hatten demnach beobachtet, wie der Mann für ein Foto auf dem Platz der Republik vor dem

Parlamentsgebäude den verbotenen nationalsozialistische Gruß zeigte. Die Kamera mit der strafbaren Aufnahme wurde beschlagnahmt.

A reader who sent this to us kindly translated the brief article:

A tourist from Canada has been arrested in front of the Reichstag in Berlin on Saturday - because he gave the Hitler salute!

Police said they are investigating the 30-year-old from the province of Quebec because of using unconstitutional symbols.

Witnesses had seen the man giving the Hitler salute, which is banned in Germany, on the Republic Square in front of parliament. The camera with the criminal record has been seized.

So, perhaps one of our readers might know who this particular bonehead is? If you do, please feel free to share.


Anonymous said...

This might have been a bonehead move, but I doubt it was actually a bonehead. Probably just some drunken idiot trying to be funny and failing. Besides what skinhead from Canada could actually afford a trip overseas? None of them work! And with their criminal records being what they are, it's doubtful they could even get into the U.S. let alone Germany where their activities are very, very frowned upon.

Lorne Marr said...

Germany definitely has very legitimate reasons for criminalization of this infamous gesture. I can understand that Germans are trying to put some things in the past and leave them there. I think the behaviour of the Canadian tourist was very rude and offensive towards the country he decided to visit.

Anonymous said...

Haha. This reminds me of a story that's the reverse of this where a few years ago in Montreal a bonehead was spotted drinking by himself while wearing a 'MASTERRACE europe' tshirt at foufounes electrique (the local punk/alternative bar). One of the local skins decides to have a chat with him and figures out he's an exchange student from Germany and a very committed neo-nazi.It's also his first day in the country. More local skins show up and needless to say he was treated to a warm welcoming that involved him waking up in the hospital without boots, flight jacket, offensive tshirt and wallet. I wonder how his studies went?


Anonymous said...

There is a high likelihood that this wasn't even a Nazi. It could have just been an idiot trying to get a laugh to be a dick and he was caught.

Anonymous said...

How do you know he's a bonehead and not just a complete idiot? Poor taste isn't limited to white supremacists.

Kurt Phillips said...

To those who say this was most likely just an idiot doing something stupid, you're probably right and that was the general consensus here as well. Still, we gotta ask, just in case.

Anonymous said...

"I can understand that Germans are trying to put some things in the past and leave them there."

Being raised in Germany I can tell you that this is not the fact. There is no intention to 'put things in the past' and leave them there. Millions of Euros are being spent every year to compensate survivors, to keep the history present in order to warn the new generations and never let something like that happen again.

In the schooling system the Third Reich has a major part in history lessons, the people don't want to forget this as they know it is a historical guilt. You go on trips to see the concentration camps, learn about the Jewish religion, there's a lot of effort to make people aware.

The latest news on this was that there's investigations if the Canadian or his German friend have ties to the neonazi-scene. You people need to understand that boneheads are just the peasants for the leaders of white nationalist movements. Just because this guy is no drug using violent nazihool with a criminal record longer than his dick does not mean that he was just making a 'joke'. And he wouldn't be the first high ranking white nationalist to visit Germany.

Aaron Atom Bomb said...

Watch this video to the end.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Nazi sighting:
I saw Tyler Stirrup hanging out in the entrance of the Safeway on 10th St NW in Kensington. It looked like he was waiting for someone.

Anonymous said...

Saw Reitmeier yesterday morning. He was at the courthouse. I know! I was shocked as well. His wife is expecting a baby in May, and he's still playing American History X. I wonder if his wifey poo is going to abandon this child like the toddler son she left behind in England? Oh the things we sacrifice for love, huh Christina?

Anonymous said...

"Saw Reitmeier at the courthouse"

Well why didn't you come say hello? I would have even bought you a coffee and we could have exchanged political ideologies lol. Or at the very least you could have had the parts to tell me what you really thought of me, and my wife. Instead like the rest of you, you take a quick glance when you know i'm not looking and run home to the safety of your computer to brag to the world that YOU SAW REITMEIER lmao

Kurt Phillips said...

So what you're saying is that you are lonely, Robert?

We would have said hello. ;)

Anonymous said...

Rob, you are such an idiot. I am closer to you then you think. ttyl! (whoever I am.)