Tuesday, February 22, 2011

McKee to Enter a Plea on Wednesday

Okay, we were less fun and more serious with this one (sent it to our friends at the One People's Project for inclusion on their website). Hey, we can do classy too!

Kyle McKee, leader of the racist gang formerly known as the Aryan Guard, is currently jail facing charges stemming from threats made against Jason Devine, spokesperson for ARA Calgary. Jason recounts the incident in his own words:
As we passed the Paradise Lanes bowling alley I looked to my right and saw Kyle's truck slowly driving by. A person with a black jacket and a black ski mask was in the passenger side and the driver was dressed the same (the ski masks looked just like the ones worn in the home invasion). The passenger was holding a brown bat and tapping in on his door. The truck sped up and stopped at the corner blocking us from crossing over or turning without going right by it.
Then the one with the bat yelled "Hey Jason, what's going on? What are you doing?" I could tell by the voice it was Kyle and he was staring intently at me the whole time and visibly angry. I had seen a man in a jeep a few feet behind us so I turned and started to sprint towards him in order to tell him to phone the police as some shit was probably going to happen. However, before I reached him I noticed that the door to Kyle's truck had not opened or closed, so I thought maybe was wasn't going to get out (though the fact he was doing this shit in day light, ski-mask, bat, his OWN truck, had me a bit spooked, like "he's crazy!"). 
I turned back and walked towards the truck keeping my distance. Kyle then asked "Do you want to say hello or goodnight?" I replied "What?" And he said the same question again, but with more vehemence, and emphasis on GOODNIGHT. He also beat the bat against the car rapidly and forcefully when he said that. He then asked "Do you want another visit? Do you want another visit at you home?" I replied no and they sped off. Jon and I saw the license plate when they drove off confirming what we already knew. Bonnie seen the truck speed away and immediately called my cell telling me she seen Kyle's truck and asking if we were ok. We quickly turned the corner, jumped in the van and sped home in case they tried anything there.

McKee had been on parole at the time as a result of pleading guilty to lesser charges stemming from a failed IED bombing targeting the member of a rival racist gang known as Western European Bloodlines. These threats alone would be enough to send McKee back to jail, however there is some speculation, and at this time it is only speculation, that McKee might be facing other charges.

McKee is also one of the invividuals suspected of the home invasion that left Jason Devine and a friend severely injured in November. McKee's statement above as recounted by Devine seems to lend credence to this suspicion.

The Crown prosecutor is asking that McKee be held without bail as a risk to the community. McKee is said to be entering his plea on Wednesday, February 23. The hearing will be at 9:00am in room 305 at the new courthouse (Calgary Courts Centre, 601 - 5 St. S.W.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure what could be a more damning indictment of our bail system than Kyle going free. Truly a disturbing thought that such a chronic offender will be released after something like this.