Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Still More Neo-Nazi Infighting

Last night we were scrolling through our blog, reading old articles and reminiscing about the work we've done thus far when we came across this poignant and powerful image depicting what was then the blossoming of a beautiful friendship:

Oh, those were such heady days in the lives of Kyle McKee and Dustyn Johnson, and such an unusual friendship, what with McKee looking like Gollum and Johnson one of the orcs. But the world was, for a short time, their oyster. A rancid, sickly oyster, but a shellfish of some sort nonetheless.

But sadly, it couldn't last. Too bad. Johnson could have been Spike to McKee's Chester.

Hardy to his Laurel.

Blaster to his Master.

Now, they simply resort to sniping at each other impudently online, such as when McKee, "talks smack" (the kids still say that, right?) about Johnson on Josh Steever's Facebook profile:

By the way Josh (the apparent founder of the Aryan Terror Brigade which is linked to Blood & Honour/C18 and which McKee seems to be a member of), you still dating high school students?

You're right. That was petty. We're sorry.

Oh, but the backbiting doesn't end there, as Rob Reitmeier also adds his $0.02 to the discussion:

You know something? This makes us sad. So very, very, sad. After all, it will have been 7 years (as of this May 29) that luminaries that included a man who wrote a self-help book on how to give a proper blow-job and who was also convicted of tax fraud, a man later convicted of child pornography possession, and Paul Fromm among others all signed the New Orleans Protocol which was intended to end division in the, "White Nationalist" movement and bring about an era of co-operation.

How IS that working out?

And now, the Black Eyed Peas from when they didn't suck.


Anonymous said...

Master Blaster! Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Its funny that I come here to see what my brother is up to these days. What a fucking idiot.

Sarah Brown said...

The Spike to McKee's Chester part was so funny! Thanks for making my morning so much better! hehe!

Anonymous said...

lol @ C18 Josh. How some of the movement considers this one of their "master race" brothers is just totally out of left field. That kid is slower than Forrest Gump on a GOOD day and stutters like a French machine gun!

Ahh well, I guess they were made for each other.

Anonymous said...

When you collaborate with Justin Timberlake, you know your goose is gonna be cooked in the public eye. All downhill from there.

Kinda like how you know that your goose will be cooked when you collaborate with Kyle McKee. Well, either that or you'll end up in a sex tape.

you twiggy little alien trevor said...

That especially ugly one on the left in the wifebeater looks like Gollum from lord of the rings. or trevor from trailer park boys, with a shaved head

Anonymous said...

I agree with Josh being slower than Forrest Gump. I know him and he seriously could use some help. No one - not even the other neo-Nazis, etc. - should consider him any kind of leader or role model.