Friday, March 11, 2011

Something That Might Inspire Some Hope

We will continue to discuss the upcoming marches that are being planned in Alberta and, as we are now aware, Ontario (no, not Toronto.... he-who-will-not-be-named couldn't organize a trip to the zoo for more than himself), but today we thought we would post something a little different.

We in the Collective don't believe that once an individual has embraced a racist ideology, that that person is forever lost. We are honestly very happy when people who were once ardent racists have summoned the courage to look deep within themselves and realize that they have been wrong and that they want to change. We have been sent numerous emails from former haters who are sorry for the pain they have cause others and are now trying to lead productive lives and even prevent others from following the path that they once felt trapped by.

The following is from one such individual. We received permission to re-print a section of that person's email here:

Looking back now - on my life - it's so strange how much a paradox can overwhelm you in life. Believe it or not. I had always wanted to be a good person. I always wanted to be righteous, honest, noble, with good intentions. I always wanted to be a great friend, associate, companion, etc. I've wanted and still do want stability in my life more than anything. Self realization comes with a high price tag though and I've come to accept that the image I've produced is the result of my own actions though. Being a degenerate drunk and a hostile, hurtful, piece of shit led me down a path in life where I never intended to go. Today it's amazing, as it just totally blows me away what I involved myself in, how I got there, some of the things I did, said, etc. It's so strange, ya know? I was involved in the WP scene for about ten years. What really hurts me most, and leaves me reflecting on my life a lot of the time is that I really do feel robbed of youthful happiness in it's truest sense. I feel robbed of about ten years of my life.

Our detractors will claim this is fabricated. It isn't, but that's fine.

Perhaps this message will help another person to look deep within him or herself and decide they don't like what they've become. Perhaps it will result in the beginnings of a transformation.

Hope. It's sometimes all we've got in a world that can turn one into a cynic.


Anonymous said...

I believe what you should reflect on the most is not what you robbed yourself, but of the existence that you robbed other people of. Sorry to sound like a dick but you chose to rob yourself of those ''youthful'' years by restricting the happiness felt by those you were oppressing. I am all for live and let live but you need to really recognize the oppression that you have caused from you you living your life. I'm not a religious person so I don't believe you can wash away your sins but I hope this makes you realize that you can live a happier and more self-fulfilling life by living life honestly.

Anonymous said...

... And now whoever wrote this is probably involved with the ARC, anti-fa or the SHARP movement. It's so typical that when people leave the WP movement, they just turn the other way.
What I wonder is: Do people ever get around to forming their own opinions? In my opinion, it's better to just be yourself and form your own thoughts then to conform to a movement (whether it be WP, anti- racist groups or any other group really).

M.G. said...

I really appreciate this person's statement. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...


M.G. said...

"... And now whoever wrote this is probably involved with the ARC, anti-fa or the SHARP movement. It's so typical that when people leave the WP movement, they just turn the other way."

That's a foolish thing to say because there are many pathways for a person to choose during the process of a lifetime, leading to a vast array of possibilities - not only one path allowing two opposing directions. Perhaps, the formation of a personal opinion is exactly what had taken place for the one who wrote this statement, and this person may simply be declaring to those who were once and may still be their personal enemy, that a new way has been revealed to them. And, what's wrong with that? Do not be so narrow minded, hypocrite. Must those who disagree always remain at war? Noble people, out of respect for those that they may deem a worthy adversary, CAN and sometimes DO declare messages of peace and honor whilst maintaining their established differences apart from other philosophies. People are humbled in their humility, and so they learn the truth of the concept of individuality and are therefore, liberated. Good.

Anonymous said...

Though this will likely never make it past moderation- What the hell, I'll give it a shot.

I think its sad to see people flip and flop in their ideals the way that the subject of this post seems to have done. And I agree with the second comment, that people just really need to grow up and form their own opinions rather than relying on the rhetoric of either "side" as a means of self justification.

In this case, the author of that email is just as lost now as he/she was when he got involved with the whole White Power scene. Not because they've flopped to the other side necessarily, but because he seems to blame being a "degenerate drunk" and a "hurtful piece of shit" on his former associations, rather than on his own inclinations at the time.