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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anti-Racist Rallies That Have Been Organized

We aren't sure what will come of the bonehead rally that was scheduled for March 17, however if there is anything that goes down, we would ask our readers who take pictures to share them if they are willing to do so. If you have our email, send them to us directly; if you don't have it then leave your email as a comment and we will get back to you (your email will not be published).

In the meantime, we would like to let our readers know of the anti-racist rallies being held in Calgary and in British Columbia.

First, this announcement from organizers of the rally in Calgary:

Just a reminder that the March 19th rally against racism is this Saturday, 10 am at City Hall. We encourage everyone to come out and bring friends. The event details are here:

Our City, Our Streets! Nazis Out! Anti-Racism Rally

As of today, Anti Racist Action believes that the neo-Nazi gangs Blood&Honour and W.E.B. will be attempting to stage a counter march despite two of their key organizers currently being in jail for assault. The plan currently is to hold an anti-racism rally in the morning and then in the early afternoon confront the neo-Nazis and show the world that Calgary does not tolerate racist gangs.

We've also learned of another rally that will be taking place in Prince George, B.C. on March 21:

Sharpeville remembered in P.G.

The global anti-racism movement got started by a peaceful rally that went wrong, so Prince George residents are invited to a peaceful rally to mark that anniversary.

The Sharpeville Massacre took place on March 21, 1960 in South Africa when a crowd of demonstrators gathered to protest the government's race-based apartheid system. Police opened fire on the gathering, killing 69 people.

"We felt it was most appropriate, to pay respect to those peaceful demonstrators who were killed, to hold a peaceful rally here on that anniversary," said Daniel Gallant, the main organizer of the International Day For The Elimination Of Racism Solidarity March.

Gallant is a student in the First Nations program at UNBC but he was formerly an active white supremacist in the Western Canadian skinhead and white power movement. He sees signs of racism in Prince George that the common resident may not be aware of, and recent events are giving him concern.
"The latest is some graffiti," he said, referring to the racial and anti-Semitic vandalism at Masich Place Stadium over the weekend, and some anti-gay slurs written at the UNBC Pride Centre earlier this winter. "Others are some locals seen wearing white power clothing around town. Without naming or describing who, I have information that there are some white supremacists in Prince George that I've personally known and others I have seen around who hold these beliefs."
However, racism needs to be opposed on a number of fronts, and the rally is just as much about the more subtle but more damaging kind as well.
"Since becoming a First Nations student I have had my eyes opened about the systemic racism, built into government policy, that exists particularly towards Aboriginal people," he said. "Couple that with social marginalization and attacks on visible minorities of all kinds in Prince George. It was actually an attack on a Saudi student that motivated me in the first place to start speaking out about this."
The rally will have guest speakers and what Gallant hopes is the atmosphere of solidarity against racial intolerance that comes from a united crowd speaking as one.
Although no particular society or agency is directing Gallant, he was thankful for the help he has received from UNBC's First Nations department and some other parts of the university community.

The Third Ave. Collective has also been helpful, and a number of individuals who will be named at the rally, he said, because the team continues to build as the date approaches.
"The whole point is to say 'no more' to some of the events [that have happened] lately in P.G.," he said. "I know the majority of people in Prince George oppose racism. The collective voice of P.G. is in opposition to the institution of racial discrimination and of racists' actions."
All those who share his anti-racism view are asked to go to the front steps of the Prince George Courthouse at 4:30 p.m. The peaceful rally will be followed by a march to the Civic Centre.
If there are any other anti-racist events taking place over the next week, let us know and we will update our list.

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Anonymous said...

W.E.B. Will not be attending any planned C-18/ATB event in Calgary this year. reasons are our own. Take from this what you like. From past experiences it has proven the media likes to use our pictures/videos in these events while labeling our members/associates under false names and incorrect affiliations.