Thursday, March 17, 2011

McKee Pleads Guilty: Sentenced to 27 Days

Oh, don't think for a moment that we forgot about Kyle McKee's hearing today.

Today, Kyle McKee plead guilty to charges of uttering threats which were directed at Jason Devine. As a result, McKee was given 60 days. As he has already been in custody for 33 days, he will spend another 27 days in a place where he will be unable to harm anyone.

And yes, we are disappointed that it wasn't longer.

Still, there were a few other interesting things we learned today during the hearing. We had received word last night that Lee Ebel had been released sometime yesterday and we passed that information to our friends in Calgary. According to Devine, who wrote about the hearing today, Lee Ebel was present in the court house and attended the hearing.

Also interesting was there was another charge that McKee plead guilty to. Our readers may remember that we wrote about the young woman who was allegedly beaten by members of the Blood & Honour (formerly Aryan Guard) gang. We had been told that McKee, Ebel, Dowe, and Natalie S. might have been the ones who carried out the beating. It turns out that on the court docket, Natalie S. had been charged along with McKee in that crime as well (we aren't sure if Ebel was as well, or if he was in jail for other assault charges). According to Devine, a plea agreement had been reached by which McKee would plead guilty for that crime as well, however charges against Natalie S. would be dropped.

So, what was the sentence? McKee has to pay $100.00 of the young woman's $300.00 dental bill.

Uhm.... huh?

Anyways, the long and the short of it is that McKee won't be attending his signature rally for the second year in a row for the same reason why he missed the last one.

UPDATE 1: We were reminded that McKee will likely serve only 2/3 of his sentence, which means he would be released on April 4. So 27 days is actually more like 18. Double damn.

UPDATE 2: Or he has 7 days. Math has never been our strong point.

UPDATE 3: The msm reports on the guilty plea:

White supremacist gets 60 days in jail for threats
Calgary Herald March 18, 2011

Self-professed white supremacist Kyle Robert McKee has been sentenced to 60 days in jail after pleading guilty Thursday to three criminal charges -including what Crown prosecutor Janice Rea called "racist motivated threats."

McKee, 25, pleaded guilty to uttering threats and possession of a weapon dangerous to the public in connection with an incident on Feb. 13, and for assaulting a woman at a prior party.

Rea said McKee made the threats when he confronted Jason Divine, who was driving through the southwest neighbourhood and hanging posters, identifying McKee as a member of a neo-Nazi group.

She said McKee made reference in the threats to whether or not Divine needed another visit, alluding to a home invasion last Nov. 8.

No charges have ever been laid in connection with that incident, Rea noted.

Provincial court Judge John Bascom accepted a joint submission for the 60-day total sentence, less credit for 33 days already served. McKee also must provide a DNA sample.

McKee had two attempted murder charges dropped last May in connection with a homemade bomb being planted outside a condo.


Anonymous said...

So when will they start handing out maximum sentences for this repeat offender?

Anonymous said...

So when will they start handing out maximum sentences for this repeat offender?

Anonymous said...

If Kyle was sentenced to 60 days and has already served 33 days of that he will have only 7 days left to serve on his sentence. Except in extremely rare cases, the offender only has to serve 2/3 of their sentence.