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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Uhm, Does This Seem a Bit Naive?

We aren't going to post the who article because it is a rehash of what was posted yesterday (you can read it here if you wish), but when we read this part, we sort of had a collective, "wtf" moment:

The group is scheduled to hold a rally in Calgary this month, which is expected to draw people from all over North America. Smith doesn't believe the rally will provoke more hate crimes , but said police will be keeping a watchful eye.

"I believe they will peacefully demonstrate and express their views. I hope and believe this was a one-off where this group went out and decided to do something criminal that night," said Smith, who noted police are aware of similar groups in Edmonton, but he doesn't believe they are growing in size.

"We have no concerns about the views they have. They have the right to express that, but not when it becomes criminal."

So, is Constable Ken Smith aware of the activities of these people for the past 4 or 5 years? Or the 2009 Aryan Guard march for that matter? Or the numerous arrests made of members of these groups in Alberta and elsewhere? Or that more boneheads have moved to Alberta because they feel the province is more welcoming to their views.

We suggested Const. Smith might be naive. That may be a little too kind of us.


Anonymous said...

You guys have anything that can be attached to this?

(He posts to VNN.)

Anonymous said...

I guess the home invasion/murder attempt doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

The word you're looking for is "sympathetic", not "naive".

Anon said...

LOL... nice.