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Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Trouble For Boneheads Planning on Attending Calgary Rally

We suspect we know who this is (meaning, we know exactly who this person is), but as he is a minor we won't publish his name.

Military investigates racist claims by teen who plans to attend Calgary white pride rally

By Jamie Komarnicki and Jason van Rassel,
Calgary Herald
March 17, 2011

As Calgary police gear up to monitor a white pride rally on Saturday, a Winnipeg-based teenage Canadian Forces member who’s apparently intending to attend the event is being investigated by the military over “serious allegations of racist activity.”

Capt. Karina Holder of the Canadian Forces Military Police said a probe was launched after the allegations came to light this week.

The 17-year-old reservist’s name isn’t being released, but Holder said he’s a “recent entry” to the Canadian Forces.

“Racist attitudes are completely incompatible with the military ethos and with effective military service,” she said. “Any conduct that reflects such attitudes will not be tolerated.”

Holder said “racist conduct” is banned and could lead to administrative or disciplinary action — including release from the military.

The military wouldn’t reveal the allegations against the teenager.

In unverified postings on his Facebook page, in which he describes himself as a Canadian Forces armoured crewman, he quotes Hitler and Mussolini. The teen has also put up a post looking for others interested in carpooling to the White Pride World Wide march in Calgary. Posts have been made in his name on a white supremacist online forum.

The teen could not be reached for comment to determine whether he was behind the postings. His mother said she was unaware of the allegations against the teenager, adding that she doesn’t condone white pride activities.

Harder said the military is taking the allegations seriously.

“The vast, vast majority of Canadian Forces members are respectful towards all people,” Harder said. “This a very isolated incident and we are taking it very seriously.”

The military received information about the individual this week via an anonymous e-mail, which was also sent to the Herald.

The probe comes as Calgary police said they have met with white supremacists and counter-demonstrators in an effort to prevent any violence during a planned march on Saturday.

A similar “white pride” event in 2009 turned briefly violent as members of both sides briefly skirmished and some in the crowd threw rocks and full soup cans at the white supremacists.

Police said they have spoken with both groups to get an idea of how many people are expected to attend this weekend’s event and officers will be prepared.

“We have a plan in place to make sure we can keep the two groups apart,” said Insp. Keith Cain.

Investigators believe the violence in 2009 was started by people who infiltrated the crowd and weren’t affiliated with either group.

While a majority of Calgarians may find the white supremacists’ message offensive, police stressed their ability to gather and hold a demonstration is constitutionally protected.

“The reality is, the Charter protects that right,” said Chief Rick Hanson.

The Criminal Code has three sections relating to hate crimes, however, the offences are narrowly defined and police need permission from the provincial attorney general before using them to lay charges.

The Criminal Code makes it an offence to advocate genocide, publicly incite or promote hatred, or mischief to a place of worship that’s motivated by hate.

The Criminal Code also has a provision that allows judges to impose a more severe sentence if it can be proven a crime is motivated by hate or prejudice.

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