Saturday, March 19, 2011

Very Well Written and Researched "Globe" Story on Calgary WN Movement

Normally we would post the whole article, however it is quite extensive and detailed so we invite our readers to go directly to the source:

Calgary’s in-your-face neo-Nazis take to the streets

Full disclosure. ARC was in contact with Mr. Wingrove and provided some background information about the Movement in Calgary. We hope that we were at least a little bit helpful, but even if we weren't it is evident that Mr. Wingrove was able to provide the general public a great deal of insight into the racist movement in Calgary. Perhaps the one quibble we have with the article is with the labelling of some of the pictures. Two of the photos in the story seem to identify the subjects as Aryan Guard supporters, however they are in fact members of W.E.B. This however is pretty minor and doesn't take away from the article itself.

The article was timed to come out during the morning of the march on Saturday, which we guess is today (damn insomnia).

We have also included a link to the article in our selected bibliography on the left side of the blog.


Anonymous said...

This comment doesn't need to be published but I am posting it just in case you need to let anybody at the march know. I am in front of the TELUS tower. There is a calgary transit but with 4 cops in it and the door is open. They are waiting for somebody so this could be the Nazi escort wagon.

Anonymous said...

McKee is such a fucking goof. Just an oppurtunity for him to run his mouth nationally and have any real motherfuckers laugh at him. Kyle: you're a soft bitch, kicking the shit out of someone who can't or won't defend themselves doesn't make you hard. But your little photoshoot is cute.

Anonymous said...

I can't buy your claim the article is well researched when the author of the article claims Oi is White Nationalist music. And that skinhead is a music subculture. Typical journalist, missing the entire point of the skinhead subculture and giving some glue sniffing bonehead his day in the sun.

Anonymous said...

What's hilarious, is that even though they continued their reign of defeat today, they'll all get drunk tonight and talk about today's march for the next year, as if it was a success! What a bunch of losers.

Anonymous said...

Vid. on youtube speaks of arrest of anti racist with "the police moved into the crowd and removed someone who could have caused quite a mess"

WTF?! caused a mess, dont think so.