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Saturday, March 19, 2011

"The anti-racists succeeded."

One of the first msm accounts of the bonehead march and counter rally:

Two arrested during white pride rally, counter demonstration
By Jen Gerson, Calgary Herald March 19, 2011 3:01 PM

At least two protesters were believed to have been arrested during a white power rally, and anti-racism counter demonstration held downtown on Saturday morning.

Clad in black and waving white nationalist flags, about a dozen white supremacists arrived on 6th Ave. at around noon. The number of white power protesters present was about half that of previous years.

Prompted by the activist group Anti-Racist Action Calgary, about 200 counter-demonstrators were present, hoping to block the mostly young, male white supremacists from reaching city hall.

The anti-racists succeeded. At about 1 p.m., the white pride group retreated to a bus stop on 5th Ave. S.E., jumped on the No. 5 city bus and left.

They displayed a black flag with a white Celtic cross out the back window as the bus pulled away and into traffic.

We are pleased with the results of the rally, however we are concerned that at least one (perhaps two) anti-racist protester was taken into custody. From the accounts we've read that have been sent to us, the individual arrested had not been acting in a provocative manner and his arrest doesn't appear to have been justified. In addition, the police do not appear to be answering questions regarding the reasons for this arrest.

While this is of considerable concern, we do need to commend the individuals who went out to protest, proclaiming that hatred is not a value that is accepted by Calgarians. Whatever else happened, don't let anything take away from this victory.

UPDATE: The police appear to be claiming the anti-racist taken into custody (video of arrest found here)had items which, "appeared to be potential weapons." This claim is being contradicted by others who attended the counter-rally.  

A solidarity rally in support of the individual arrested is taking place at 5:00 pm (mt) outside the Arrest Processing Unit at 6th Ave and Macleod Trail S.E.


Twiggy said...

Reitmeiers arrest didn't seem at all connected to the rally from what we saw...

Anonymous said...

The police news release said there was an outstanding warrant, that was propably Reitmeier.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding warrants.

Twiggy said...

Makes sense, he was there early and there was no altercation as far as I saw