Friday, January 25, 2019

Nouns of Odin, Now Re-Branded The Clann, Harass Edmonton Mosque Worshipers and Local Businesses

You know, it I once thought that making fun of the Aryan Guard/Blood & Honour name change as well as the rather lengthy and ostentatious Steven Blah Blah Myatt was sort of funny in my own "I'm-secretly-a-two-year-old" way.

But, my god!

In Edmonton we now have the Soldiers of Odin/Wolves of Odin/Odin's Heathens/Patriot Pride Canada/Canadian Infidels/The Clann.

These people change their groups' names more frequently then they change their underwear.

In any case, there was a "big" announcement earlier this month as members of the Wolves of Odin joined up with Ryan Dean (who I again remind readers is fairly recently off house arrest after being convicted of assaulting a former girlfriend) and his Clann which as one observer noted is a little on the nose:

And because everything Ryan Dean touches eventually collapses as a result of his profoundly toxic behavior, the seeds of infighting appear to already be present:

Prior to this though, the Nouns of Odin had been a regular presence at the reactionary Yellow Vest events in the city. For now though they have decided that a good look for them would be to harass people worshiping at a mosque and local businesses:

Gee. Tyson is being photographed giving the middle finger. How edgy and totally original of you.

First they harassed members at a mosque. It would be bad enough had they done so outside, but they sort of upped the ante and entered the building:

This eventually resulted in a confrontation outside featuring Hunt, Dean, and company as well as two of the most patient men I've observed in these encounters:

The comments left on Tyson Hunt's Facebook page are pretty much as you would expect from the brain trust of the far right:

The goof troop also headed to Whyte Ave to harass people working at two pubs that Hunt describes as "antifa bars" either yesterday or today (the time line is a little up in the air for me right now):

There were two short videos posted prior to entering the two establishments as well as two of the Clann members harassing the people in the businesses that I don't think need to be posted. What was clear from the encounters though was the desire to gin up anger and, perhaps, violence directed at the pub workers as evidenced by the posts left on the videos:

Among those commenting are Beau Welling, leader of the Alberta III% militia as well as Bill Daniels who is a former BC Soldiers of Odin leader as well as the short lived national leader of the racist gang before the collapse as a national organization. He also has his own history of legal troubles.

Gotta say, not a good look for ya'll.

Well, it seems that you are doing your damnest to convince people you're both.


Anonymous said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but is he not giving the cameraman the finger?

Anonymous said...

Shows you the ignorance and cowardice of those Wolves of Odin tards. There are no antifa bars in Edmonton. Just because someone disagrees with their racist views doesn't make them antifa, those thugs truly are stupid.

Anonymous said...

The frame with four individuals in it, lower right hand corner is William l Majeau...hiding behind sunglasses. I am sure you know the others.