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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Reactionary Yellow Vest Protesters Feeling Heat

It has been a while since ARC has discussed the seemingly marginally employed transient Steven Myatt, and I don't plan on going into a lot of detail. He's now living in Calgary and has unsurprisingly hooked up with local extremists, including the reactionary Yellow Vest protesters. Yesterday he posted the following urgent declaration:

Scared? Well, perhaps but not exactly in the way that he might want to believe.

The Yellow Vesters have been the subject of numerous stories in the media of late focusing on the racism of much of the membership as well as the calls to violence:

Here are a few of the more tepid examples:

I could post a lot more, but I really think readers should (if they haven't already) check out Yellow Vests Canada Exposed which has been doing an incredible job of cataloging the ugliness from the various Yellow Vests Facebook groups that have sprung up in the country:

They certainly have the bad guys spooked:

In any case getting back to Myatt, the reaction was as one would have expected:

The Yellow Vests Canada page created and administered by Tyler Melenfant was indeed taken down.... for a time:

Sadly it didn't last too long:

While the main site was down, Malenfant was busy creating replacement groups, all of which look to have been deleted:

This post however is my personal favorite:

He thinks that the NSA is going to start arresting Facebook administrators for deleting posts and removing groups violating the Terms of Service of a private business for censorship and treason.

This represents the brain trust of the reactionary Yellow Vesters.

It is this post however that is the most telling:

This thread in many ways encompasses the mindset of the entire "patriot" movement in Canada, the United States, and other countries where the far right is active.

When presented with clear examples of bigotry, members of these groups either:

  1. Celebrate it.
  2. Cry out "free speech!" and "don't censor us!"
  3. Deny that it is happening and cry "fake news!" like bleating sheep.
  4. Claim it is a "false flag"; leftist instigators (probably paid directly by Justin Trudeau, George Soros, international bankers/Zionists, the Muslim Brotherhood, or any combination of these) trying to make them look bad.
I'm sure that many readers are both frustrated and dumbfounded when, presented with clear evidence that people who hold similar extremist views have committed horrible acts of violence, deny that it happened and continue to claim the left or "antifa" commit all of the violence. They have managed to rationalize away every act of violence committed by far-right extremists as either justified, not having happened, or ACTUALLY evidence of "antifa" violence, further confirming their biases and justifying their moral integrity.

This is a movement that never takes responsibility for the behavior of their members and supporters and always assign blame elsewhere.


In some ways, it really is fascinating to watch is not also rather concerning.

But if there's one thing I've learned over the years is that members of these groups will turn on each other at the drop of a hat to save their own skins:

Of course, considering who participates in the Yellow Vest protests in Edmonton, I'm not sure that they have any claim to moral high ground.

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