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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Follow-Up on Dara "Nazi Mom" Graham and the Reactionary Yellow Vests

It was a matter of time before Paulie, a man who has been at the center of Canadian far-right movement for close to 50 years and who is now desperately trying to maintain relevance today, would associate himself with the latest unoriginal fad the Canadian far-right have adopted:

Add Paulie to the list of people, including a member of the Wolves of Odin (formerly the Soldiers of Odin in Edmonton), John Marleau, Thomas Trenerry, Dara Graham, and others with whom ARC has had long relationships.

Oh, and Joey Deluca of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam has also come out of hibernation after his humiliation of the past summer:

It should be of no surprise to anyone that the reactionary Yellow Vests Canada protests should attract extremists in that the movement itself is dominated by antisemites, Islamophobes, and racists who also frequently call for the murder of the prime minister as well as violence against other groups. If anyone wishes to dispute this I would invite those people to take a look at "Yellow Vests Exposed" on Facebook where one can read screenshots taken from the various Yellow Vests groups such as these gems:


I should note that the reactionary Yellow Vesters are not big fans of moi:

In any case, in a follow-up to the story posted at the end of the year ARC has learned that participation in a Yellow Vests protest while expressing long held racist and antisemitic views while also praising Nazism might have real world implications:

On Dara Graham's Instagram page, she had posted the following a few months ago:

Well thanks to antifascists in Lethbridge, Winnipeg, and elsewhere, she'll now have plenty of time at home now:

Since then Dara has tightened up security on her Instagram page, but I did take the time to grab a few screen shots before it went private.

There are of course the posts that support the reactionary Yellow Vests protests including her participation and that of her partner Tom Trenerry:

And her support for.... this:

Trenerry also has another Instagram account where he posts similar images:

Now while her Instagram account is now private, Dara's Twitter account (at least one of the three that I know of) is as of now active and open. Her Tweets are, as always, enlightening:
Because nothing says that YOU are not the brainwashed sheep like a lazy,
cliched, retort to the cogent, well considered, argument from.... checking notes....

Uhm, the lead singer of Guns N' Roses?!?!

Well, this is a thing.

In reference to this.

Having written this and given her relationship with
"No Show" Goudreau, Dara must have felt really dirty.

I mean more so.
Graham's attacks on Trudeau might even be more unhinged on Twitter than on Instagram:

And guess which Canadian politician she supports?

Dara also seems to have a bit of a bi-polar relationship with Ronny Cameron. On the one hand....

.... on the other hand:

That last one is probably what got her a follow:


Anonymous said...

I think her Instagram has been taken down for violating the ToS.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you photoshop that notorious S&M shot of Paulie and that woman so that all they're wearing are yellow vests? And run a contest for the best caption for the picture.

Anonymous said...

just a few things.
Call out dara in front of her,um,so called friends,let them know thatyes,dara graham did in fact work with the a.r.c with how fast she will run away and her friends trun on her..all you need to do is make protest signs with that fact,everyone on both sides are fed up with her and her asshole tom.who is all so a rat,and likes to call the cops as well.when he is face to face to another person bigger then pee wee him self,do not back down from them thay are nothing,trust the way.would be nice to have her in jail,i undserstand if she dose go to jail,will be for a loooong time,
If you wish dara out of your city,all you have to do is keep calling up restaurants she maybe working at in your area,and let them know.

push the truth in her face and her friends as well.always,keep posting that indeed she is or was helping you. keep up wuth that fact always and she will run away..unles tom kicked the shit out of her to much to even move..she her self has said that the info was made up,that you made all of it up.yet we already know her bulshit..ask her as well,how many of her um kind has she put in jail already,trust me she has already in the summer of 2018,she is still well you know... just keep up on her and tom.both are done.. both sides are fed up!!! oh and pass that along to all your friends as well,all shout make signs about dara,she wants to play games,play with truth

Unknown said...

Well Dara and her honey Thomas Trenerry claim they will be at the next yellow vest rally, Saturday, 25th 2019..Lethbridge Alberta city hall. 11am..guess we all are suppose to be afraid of them..stating something bad may happen. Counter protestors will be there.So if nearby..join us..Counter protector.