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Sunday, January 20, 2019

III% Militia: Purveyors of Conspiracies and Mired in Paranoia

Since many of us who are watching developments on the far-right in this country have been focused on the reactionary Yellow Vest protests I thought I would take a look at how other extremists are viewing the movement. There is a great deal of overlap of course as groups and individuals covered on this blog, in some cases for over a decade, gravitate towards the movement. Among those groups are the III% militia, the most active of which are in Quebec and Alberta. Looking at the Alberta page, one sees posts such as this:

Right. Not a hate group.

Such claims are sort of undermined when the Alberta leader posts comments such as this:

It shouldn't surprise anyone that the III% militia would use language like this to describe those whom they disagree with ideologically, nor should anyone be surprised when members who are attracted to the militia also perpetuate ridiculous conspiracy theories without a shred of self-reflection:

I've posted a number of screen shots in the past in which members of the III% militia in Alberta attribute all sort events to dark, nefarious, forces (Muslims, "antifa", George Soros, "Zionists", liberals, "communists", etc). They have continued to claim that forest and grass fires are the result of Jihadists who have training camps throughout northern Canada for example.... though they also deny climate change which may do just a bit more to explain the intensity of said fires. They also frequently claim that any statement by any Muslim at any time and anywhere under any circumstances is a lie:

I somehow have suspicions about the provenience of this screen shot

More recently though they have latched onto the QAnon conspiracy theory to make sense of the world of darkness they have created in their own minds:

The III% militia isn't alone in perpetuating these baseless conspiracies. They are found on the pages of the Canadian Combat Coalition, Northern Guard, Yellow Vest Canada, the Nouns of Odin (Soldiers, Sons, and Wolves), among others.

What makes the III% perhaps more of a concern is that they seem to be rather heavily armed and itching to use those weapons:

In 1995, Carl Sagan published "Demon Haunted World." That look into the future has proved to be sadly prophetic:

Hate groups like the III% militia claim they are angry at politicians lying to them. This isn't true.

They want politicians to lie to them so long as the lies they are told are those that they already believe (despite the evidence) and in which they take comfort.

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Anonymous said...

III%, Americans, and American wana bees. Traitors to Canada, the entire lot of them.