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Friday, January 04, 2019

Faith Goldy Burning ALL The Bridges

Since Ms. Goldy has some hefty legal fees that she needs to pay off in a relatively short amount of time, she has taken to the Internet to beg ask her incel, beta, almost exclusively male supporters in a groveling dignified manner to make a contribution to her efforts. As she has been booted from Patreon for violating their terms of service and bitcoins aren't what they used to be, this has been a bit of a challenge. To that end, Faith has decided to take the entrepreneurial route:

Aside from not being especially original in that she didn't exactly design the Canadian Coat of Arms, it also appears that Faith Goldy is breaking the law:

Sort of puts this in a bit of perspective:

In truth, things haven't been going all that well for Faith since the Toronto municipal election. And she is very, very, angry:

In addition to her rather crushing legal fees, she has been engaged in an ongoing (and generally one sided) feud with Jordan "Lobster" Peterson which hearkens to 2017 when she was uninvited to a "free speech" event Peterson was involved in due to her rather unsavory reputation. She posted this most recent missive at the end of 2018:

The go-to insult of these folks is to call those they are angry at either communists, liberals (or "libtards" for those who wish to think themselves more creative in their insults), or antifa, so this is simply par for the course. The reaction she received was rather telling though:

In fact, her posts on this subject appear to have alienated more supporters. When the choice is the woman they not so secretly want to have sex with or the sexist male guru they worship as they would a cult leader, the incel brigade have thrown their lot in with the he-man woman hater:


Less significantly, she has lost the folks ow "Your Ward News" too:


Realizing she's been disavowed by alt-right and alt-right adjacent personalities, she appears to be trying to create a new narrative:

To be fair, Richard Spencer did draw first blood, though her attempts at revisionism aren't helped by.... you know.... the stuff she has written such as this:

And this:

And then there was the Charlotteville fiasco that laid bare exactly what Faith Goldy was:

In a discussion with Sue Ann Levy -- Levy's side appears to have been deleted -- Goldy attempts to recon her involvement in Charlottesville as a disinterested cub reporter on a job rather than an active and sympathetic supporter of the racist protesters:

And when challenged on her discussion of the "JQ", Goldy posted the following:

Well.... that isn't exactly accurate:

Yeah, she sort went a little beyond "reporting" the statement, didn't she?

We'll give Ezra Levant, speaking on another issue but related to her Charlottesville experience, with the last word:

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Anonymous said...

Well that was hilarious, good job. The poor dumb cuck can’t tell the difference between Hitler and Lenin? Trust me, one day she’ll be wearing a waxed Fuhrer mustache.